Project I Group D

Group D Members: Sophia, Alex, Edsel, Salina

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  1. Sent in my clips to alex through since the files were a little too large. He should be editing them now. I ended up just scrapping the coffee clips and sent the drawing videos instead. I drew the hindu goddess, Kali. Its not my proudest work but hey I tried.

  2. I have gotten Sophia’s footage/clips and I am still waiting for the others. I will prob be cooking dumplings again, but with more angles and what not.

    Please send me your footage by tonight so I can edit the stuff together and give you guys a preview if anything needs to be changed or what not before class on Monday

  3. Hey! I just wanted to send a quick update! I’ll be sending my clips later tonight to you Alex! I made one clip almost a minute long and I don’t believe it needs to be that long, your choice on how you want to edit it and which parts of the video you like! I’ll send you everything have including some pictures just in case

    1. It is Wednesday (almost Thursday) now. You still have time to shoot more footage. Within the group, you should discuss when to deliver all the footage to whom, and before that, determine what everyone is shooting exactly. Best!

  4. So, we watched some of your footage in class. As of yesterday, this group had the most colorful clips: Everyone brought something different, and it was fun to watch all the shots. Now, here is a danger: Don’t slow down. I expect the other groups to bring something interesting next. And, you still need to improve your project anyway. Think of more varieties of shots, and shoot new footage in a creative manner.

    Salina’s clips on the coffee was interesting, but the amount of footage was very limited. So, there should be a lot more of ….something. Alex’s cooking scene of authentic dumplings is always fun. It is OK that he films himself, but may be a different member of his family does the cooking as well as he films (just one’s hands/arms)? Sophia’s embroidery footage is also fun. Now, it is somehow good to capture the process (if someone can film her hands), and the completion of the work. It was good to see pikachu still being popular. In another class, I saw a staffed animal of pikachu in a student’s room… Edsel’s guitar performance was fun, too. The location, under the bed, made it interesting, too. I suggested him to come closer to the camera for some close ups. In addition, there may be more that he can possibly do? Explore more possibilities always. Don’t be satisfied with what you already have done. Enjoy the project!

  5. Yeah, I can edit the whole thing. Just send me your clips/footage via email. You can use wetransfer to send your clips to me.

    I am guessing the story/concept would be something along the lines of like the daily life of an individual with deliberate shots of the time/ a clock. For example, around lunch time, there will be a shot that introduces what time it is, then it will transition into my cooking clips. Another example would be some time in the afternoon or morning, then transition into Sophia doing her embroidering

  6. I remember Edsel was absent. But with the info. that you have posted so far, he should know what your group is doing, so that he should be able to join the group’s discussion here. That is, as long as he is healthy and well.

    Where is Salina?

  7. My email is

    I can edit unless someone else wants to. As for learning a new skill or improving a hobby/skill, then we are somewhat limited by our options since we can’t exactly go out. For me at least, I guess I would just considering learning/improving cooking skills.

    The length of the clip could be as long as you guys want it to be. I forgot how long the final version should be to come up with an estimate

    1. I did enjoy your cooking clip, which we viewed during the last session. When you show us your home cooking (probably Chinese?), it is always intriguing. Think of different shots, angles in your kitchen, and also think of how your footage may make sense when it is cut together (put together?) with your teammates’ footage.

    2. Awesome! If you don’t mind editing then we all will send our clips to you. For my skill, as Salina recommended to me (thank you Salina) I’ll do embroidering since I’ve been doing some already and just started to learn it. We also can change the idea if you want! No pressure at all. We can do our daily lives if anything, it’s more comfortable for what everyone in the group wants

  8. Hey all, so last class we talked about learning a new skill or improving on a hobby/skill. I wanted to know who would be comfortable with editing the project itself, what ideas for skills or something you want to improve on, and possibly how long you think persons clip should be?

    1. Note: Yes, please feel free to communicate with each other on the phone. Then, it is also important that you report what was discussed here. Otherwise, it would not count towards your grade. If only person keeps reporting, only the person will receive some points. You all need to be active here.

      I decided to do this because in the past, there were some students who worked much harder than the others, and I realized that it is not fair to give them the same grade even with a group project.


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