Project I Group C

Group C Members: Abbie, Rafael, Theo, Kevin

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      1. Thanks for this! It is fun to watch the video. I just wish some of the shots, especially panning were a little slower, so that viewers would understand what’s going on more (even few years from now when people watch it). But in the end, I’m glad to see this group submitting this piece! In terms of grading, those who didn’t participate in the online pre-production discussion much or at all will definitely see major point deductions. But there will be one more project to come, and so I look forward to seeing some excellent works!

    1. OK. So, for your OpenLab participation grade (part of your Project I grade), I suggest you describe what you are shooing in detail. And, your group needs to declare very soon who will be shooting what footage, and who will edit for the group!

    1. No, we will wrap up this project by next session, which means your group needs to put together everyone’s footage. It should be interesting. Project I is 20% of your course grade. So, I want everyone to take this seriously. Thanks!

  1. I was concerned about this group, and still am as there was no comment posted in this thread (there still isn’t). There was no new footage to be shown in class yesterday, either.

    Two of the four students were absent in this group yesterday. However, even if some people were missing, or not communicating adequately with you, you can still work on this project to in order to pass the course. Besides, you really should have fun with any film projects. After all, I assume it is something that you enjoy doing.

    I just wrote in the group B thread that you students can always produce more than one film with this project: Don’t wait for someone to do to his/her work. Instead, you can take over the project if necessary, and submit a good film on your own! So, between the two people who were present yesterday, you can collaborate very nicely. Ideally, all four of your contribute equally.

    Rafael said, he and his mother are driving to a store across the river because it is not crowded there, and so we as viewers expect to see some scenery on the way (we will be relieved to see some exterior shots!), and see the store and its unusual situation. Kevin may film some footage with his dog one more time? If so, he can do more than what he did two weeks ago. Think of a variety of shots. Think of what makes your footage look intriguing.

    This project doesn’t have to be obviously about the lockdown of the city or the pandemic (because many other people in the city or in the world are already producing films on the theme). Instead, your film(s) can be more abstract, and poetic, viewers may feel there is something that is unusual undercurrent. We are living in a historic moment right now. Think of what your can capture and express things in your way!

  2. Nothing yet?
    First of all, this group needs to explain to Theo what your plans are. He left early, and missed your group meeting. As nothing has been posted here, Theo also should have inquired by now what the group decided to do.

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