Project I Group B

Group B Members: Peter, Kelly, Jay

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  1. Kelly e-mailed this to me at 2 am today. So, she met the deadline:

    So far, I haven’t gotten the clips from Peter or Jay yet. It’s been a while since I heard from Jay, I hope he’s alright as well, but I haven’t gotten the clips from Peter. So I made a short video that I’ve done based on the clips I did. I posted it in openlab but it doesn’t look like i actually posted, so just in case I’ll send it to you. I’ll send the link again in openlab when we’re in class just to see if it’ll actually post.

  2. I have recently managed to record more footage for the project, some of which were ideas we discussed in our recent chats. I will try to get the footage sent to Jeremy for editing as soon as possible, as well as putting together a montage of my own just in case.

    1. Peter, as I don’t remember what kind of footage you said you will film, it would be good to describe it here.

      More importantly, if your group hasn’t heard from Jay for a while, send your footage also to Kelly as discussed last week. She might be editing your group’s video. If Jay edits, it will great, of course. It is fine if your group ends up submitting two videos; one edited by Kelly, and one edited by Jay. I sure hope Jay is doing all right in general…

  3. So, Kelly and Peter, you have written some comments in this thread recently, but not Jay? Have you two heard from Jay? If not, you two need to start thinking about editing your footage without him, unfortunately. I hope he is all right….

  4. So I’m going to reshoot my clips, I’m thinking of doing the same things I’ve been doing (except I would not reshoot with the laptop because I feel like maybe another type of activity would be more intriguing to see), but shoot in different spots in my place. So far based on Peter’s clips, I like the clip where he’s washing the dishes, I feel like with the other clip, he should have someone help him do an over the shoulder shot, or make the camera a little further so we can see what he was reading. And some new clips showing you do a bit more stuff would be nice to see if it’s possible.

    1. Also, as a new idea, I think we should film ourselves looking at the window, because since we can’t go outside unless we really need to, it would be a shot showing that we can’t. It would be us looking out the window, and maybe a still photo or video of the empty streets, then we would move away from the window, and that’s when we would do our own chores or activities.

  5. We reviewed this group’s footage in class yesterday. You need to be more bold. Your footage can be unique and innovative. You can go outside “the box”. For example, Kelly was staying in one spot, which can be intriguing, but is not quite working well yet. Peter’s footage of him doing the dishes was unexpected, and thus fun, but he needs to think of more varieties of activities, and film more footage. I understand that you haven’t heard from Jay, who is supposed to be filming some footage exterior, and edit for the group.

    As I mentioned in class, if someone doesn’t communicate adequately in your group, there is no need to wait around. Shoot some new footage, and edit a different version on your own. It is OK for a group to end up producing more than one film, especially in a case like this. Your project score doesn’t need to suffer just because you expected someone to do his/her job (and the person didn’t do it). Everyone will be graded as a group and also as an individual.

    Enjoy working on this project. It will show if you are very much involved in producing this film early, or if you just felt obligated to do it as schoolwork.

  6. Hey guys, I sent my clips to Jay. So pretty much what I did in my clips is that I did three different things to kill time. What I did was do work or play on my laptop, played with the switch, and played guitar. I took one master shot of my switching from these three things, then I took just a couple of clips of me reaching to get the laptop and switch and then showed a POV shot of what I was seeing.

    1. Nice! How long is the footage? If it is not too long? You are welcome to put it together (not editing), and upload it if you would like. Then, we can can discuss how Jay’s editing went afterward. Cheers!

      1. The master shot is about 1 min and 40 seconds, the reason it’s that long is because I take some times with doing these things just in case in the editing process Jay could cut some stuff down. Also, I was redoing some of my movement, just in case if he didn’t like how I did one thing, there could be another. As for the other clips of me using my laptop or grabbing my stuff, it’s 15 seconds at most, but I’m sure less seconds will be used from it. (so in total, 1 master shot and 4 mini shots)

        Now thinking about it, I think putting it all together in one clip could’ve been easier for editing, so if Jay would like me to do that then I can do it quickly.

        1. Nice! Yes, it is good to shoot your footage a little longer than it needs to be for editing purposes. It is also usually a good idea to shoot some different takes.

          Yes, you are welcome to edit your footage as your version, and after uploading it, you can copy the link here. It is always fun to see different possibilities.

          Jay is editing everyone in this group’s footage, not just yours. So, how he cuts will be different from yours anyway!

    2. Good to hear Kelly. Cant wait to see the finished project. I just hope Jay got the footage I recorded. As I said before, I recorded over a whole minute’s worth of footage. I hope that everything goes well and we get to see the finished project come together.

      1. As I mentioned before, even though one person in each group most likely does the editing, the other students should contribute some ideas, or inputs. Don’t need to wait around for the editor to do his/her editing work. You can also give some feedback to the edit, or make requests before the edit. Everyone should be involved in your project equally. There is not a lot of footage (not very long clips) to edit for this project, and so editor’s workload is not that heavy. Modifications can be done easily based on every group member’s requests.

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