Project I Group A

Group A Members: Jason, Sam, Kyiana

12 thoughts on “Project I Group A”

  1. I rerecorded my parts of the project, like me picking up the guitar and different angles of me playing. I also took your advice Professor and added me looking at Sam play.

  2. This group has a good idea, but as discussed in class yesterday, it is still weak visually. The two musicians, Sam and Kyiana need more variety of shots, so that there will be more possibilities with editing.

    Now, I understand that Jason is doing good work editing. However, his appearance in the video is not very strong. It is because his role, a sound mixer is usually behind-the-scene, and so the position is not meant to be visually interesting. It is probably not the best idea to start with him and end with him. The very first shot is very weak, first of all. When viewers see the first shot, they likely decide whether they will continue watching the entire film or not.

    Besides, there is no need to advertise “Avid” or “ProTools” in this video.

    Think of a way to amuse your audience most of all whatever the message is. You shouldn’t give us viewers the impression that you had to produce this video as a school assignment. Remember, you have a lot of freedom with this project, and so enjoy the process, and entertain us!

  3. For our project, we converse over a different platform to communicate about our project. Sam sent us a video of him playing on his keyboard. I then recorded a master shot and a 2/3 different angle shot of me playing the guitar to match his video.

  4. We have made progress, we’ve recorded our parts and are working on the final assembly. We may add some coverage for our master shots to flesh it out as well. Our plan like we mentioned before is to show a collaborative project from different perspectives.

    1. Nice to learn about the progress.
      > like we mentioned before..
      Reminder: What you report here in writing counts towards your grade. I mentioned this before in writing few times. All groups need to improve in that respect.

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