Assignment 3

As you know, due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, we will meet only in our virtual classroom for the rest of the semester. For your assignment #3, please take some STILL images, which describe how this situation has affected your everyday life, and then upload THREE of the images in our Media Library. Under the title, please write “Assignment #3”. You could add some info. in the “caption” if you wish.

Ideally, at least one of the images should be from outside if you happen to go out from your residence (As we are supposed to stay home, please don’t go out just for this assignment).

The images can be a line of customers outside a grocery store, spring flowers along sidewalks, groceries, which need to be washed carefully in your kitchen, your entire family staying home, and so on, but not limited to. I would like to see everyone bringing very different images. The images should mean something to you. Think of visually documenting this unusual time period, and in a couple of decades, imagine, you will share your stories with younger generations along with your photos.

I look forward to seeing many intriguing images!

(Deadline: 8 am, Monday, April 6th).