Project II: Group II

Group 2:
Nick, Roosevelt, Jelani, Cristian, Alisha, Eudora, Bacilio

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  1. Oh, there is nothing here yet…I just visited this thread for the first time after our last session on Monday….I need to know what you are planning to do exactly. If you plan to film in the classroom, you need to also discuss with the other group to find out how much interference you may have. Then, the two groups should also determine when who will use the telephoto lens and polarizer.

  2. Hey guys,

    Just checking in for tomorrow’s shoot. Here are the details, prop list and the roles everyone will play:

    Project: The Heights

    Plot: Group of criminal masterminds plan to rob the City Tech Bursar’s Office for student tuition.

    Eudora – Laptop
    Alisha – fake money and nunchucks
    Jelani – water guns
    Nick – Lock picking set

    Nick – Leader/Mastermind
    Eudora – Computer hacker
    Bacilio – Master lock picker
    Roosevelt – Weapons expert
    Alisha – Martial Artist
    Jelani – Stedicam Operator

    See you all tomorrow!

  3. These is how i see the potential filming for tomorrow

    -Starts off as a establishing shot with Nick, the leader, eyeing the bursar office behind the pilar. We could use the steadicam to show the bursar than pan on over around the pillar to reveal nick
    -WS of entire crew planning the heist around a table, Eudora in the middle with her laptop, Roosevelt lays out weapons on table for everyone to take
    -Steadicam OTS of Alisha taking out a guard with her MMA skills?
    -Close up of Bacillo using the pick lock on the door
    -A shot of the ‘bursar storage’ which will probably be the studio (can use the black curtain and prop up the camera bags on there to represent bags of money)
    -Place a camera next to one of the ‘bags of money’ have either the entire crew or one person from the other side of the room looking at the bag of money and we can pull focus between the bag and the person(s).
    -Everyone grabs a bag and we run down the hallway that leads towards the steps so we can do a running steadicam shot of everyone running with a bag

    Unsure of where to use a polarizer for this, please do give an idea!

  4. The story is about a group of students who plan out and execute a heist to retrieve tuition money from the bursar office. The crew consists of Nick, Bacilio,Eudora,Alisha, and Roosevelt.
    -Nick is the mastermind of the plan and – interviews the applicants to the heist.
    -Bacilio is a master locksmith who can get into any door without a problem.
    -Eudora is the hacker that’s in charge of disabling the security system.
    -Roosevelt is the weapon’s expert who will give the options of a variety of weapons.
    – Alisha is the Martial Artist who will deal with any close encounters. If necessary.
    -Jelani is the steadicam operator .

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