Project II pre-pre-production (brainstorming)

17 thoughts on “Project II pre-pre-production (brainstorming)”

  1. I would like to try a continuous shot following someone from the outside of the building into the classroom. We could meet all 3 criteria if we plan it out properly….

  2. I like Eudora’s Idea of a continuous shot; maybe like an in-one take to start off. To piggyback on that we can use the polarizer outside if sunny, start off using the Steadicam in an high angle shot first, then boom up, show the crowd of people walking inside with talent (pull focus) can be shown here as well, then as the talent walks indoors continuous tracking until inside there can be a scene by the elevator where we can show pull focus of someone coming out the elevator into the frame, the they walk out the frame. Continue the shot up the stairs cause they decide to take stairs to library maybe where we can effectively capture them walking. inside around computers, books, etc.

    This can be effective because we can show like a rush hour scenario wit a lot of students coming inside; it looks busy, many stories can be told beginning from that point of view. Talent and camera can also do a cross path shot like discussed in class 3 sessions ago.

  3. Jelani,
    That sounds amazing!! I think the most challenging part will be getting it done within the timeframe and keeping the equipment safe/secure in high traffic areas. We need to really coordinate and do a complete walk through of the path before we start filming so we can get the pacing down properly to pull off the continuous shot. Also work out a good plan on how many from the team should shadow the camera man and provide a clear path for them while navigating the shoot.

    1. Yes, there will be two group, which I haven’t formed yet.

      In general, I like having a long take (in-one) if it is planned properly and executed beautifully.

      However, I would film a polarizer and pull focus shots separately. It is because it would be too much to try to use the filter effectively when you are walking around with Steadicam. You need to attach and detach the polarizer. It is not realistic to do so while you are filming.

      Pull focus: You can use a long lens, so that pull (or rack) focus would be challenging and very much noticeable. However, 1) a DSLR with a long lens would be difficult to balance. 2) whenever a camera assistant fulls focus, Steadicam may lose balance easily.

      So, think of a walking shot by itself. Then, do the other shots such as with a polarizer or with a long lens separately.

      Have fun thinking about this project!

      1. Locations:
        When this course is offered in the spring, by the time we do Project II, it is nice, sunny, and warm outside. So, we usually go to a nearby park. However, at the end of the fall semester, in mid-December, it is cold, and it starts getting dark around 4 pm already. So, in our case, based on my experience, it is good to stay inside in the fall semester.

        The library: In the past, I was told that we were too loud…! Only when a class that I taught collaborated with some of the librarians, our student camera crew was welcomed. And, as it is getting close to the finals, it is probably not the best time to film there. If you want to include a crowd of people in the background, the student lounges on any of the floors are probably adequate.

        This semester, Shennie introduced us to the G-Building (whatever the official name is). It is a photogenic/mysterious location. I would say, it is one of the good possibilities as a location if you agree. In one of our past sessions, we formed a ladies’ group, and I recall they shot visually intriguing footage there. As it is not crowded in the building, it is, in a sense, a controlled environment.

  4. A continuous one take would be nice.
    In Project I my group had an idea of a fight scene, some actions shots would be interesting to shoot.

  5. In terms of the Steadicam, a scene with someone feeling like they are being followed. So maybe getting tracking shots of the Actor and going around the corner to feel the suspense. The pull focus could be related to the two Actors, maybe in the staircase.

  6. A lot of the G building has a lot of glass, the polarizer filter could be used for a stalker scene? Not sure if its entirely possible for an empty classroom to be available there but it could be that the stalker is behind the glass in a classroom and their victim directly outside, the polarizer can be attached in one shot to show the stalker and removed in another shot to conceal their location as the victim walks or wanders about.

  7. I love Alisha’s idea about a fight scene! If we can plan out a fight scene and use the Steadicam to get awesome shots of the best part. We can even use the jib to create a suspenseful scene before the fight scene

    1. What about a fight scene that changes locations? Like the jib or stedi cam elevates with the fight. They’re pinned on the ground then they’re on a platform and the camera goes higher to follow them?.

  8. I love the idea of a continuous shot, I’m not sure how it will be put together and for what purpose but it should be something dynamic, something that incorporates all of the lighting techniques it keeps you engaged.

  9. – have we decided if the dancing scene will be added? although we have prop guns and the concept of stalking i find the random dancing funny

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