Project II: Group 1

Group 1:
Conny, Melisa, Nico, Edwin, Emmanuel, Mo, Shennie, Amar

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  1. This should have been in this thread, not in “Pre-Pre Production”:

    >conny gordon says:
    December 10, 2019 at 10:56 am

    – have we decided if the dancing scene will be added? although we have prop guns and the concept of stalking i find the random dancing funny

  2. Our scene will consist of one actor being stalked and the other actor being the stalker. The location will be out of the classroom and maybe the area of the old pearl building. There will be a fight scene, which will be choreographed to be shot with the Steadicam.

    Props: toy guns

    1. Nice! So, you have a general storyline and the locations. Now, this groups needs detailed planning. You may have discussed things in your group, but I need to know what it is exactly that you are planning to do.

  3. We start off with the main character (actor being stalked) in the frame and he is walking, this would be a medium shot. Next we should have our stalker come into the frame behind the main character, he starts to follow him as well. We then do a medium close up shot of our main character, this is when he stops and looks behind him to see the stalker, who will look confused on where he’s going or look at his phone. This is when we will use the Pull Focus. After that we’ll have our main character turn back to the camera and walk out of frame. We will then get a extreme close up shot of the stalker’s sunglasses before he walks out of frame. This is when we use the Polarizer Filter. Last but not least the actor’s will then walk into the pearl building into the creepy hallway. The main character will turn around and this is when we’ll have our big fight scene. I don’t know if we’ll be doing a fight battle, dance battle or just a classic Mexican Stand off, but for this scene we will be using the Steadicam to follow the actor’s movements.

    Please let me know if you have any other ideas that you wanna add or change from mine!!

    1. This sounds awesome! I was thinking if we are sticking with the fight scene, in order to make it look realistic we can do a wide shot of the two characters. Than whoever throws a punch first, we can have an OTS of them and vice versus. Plus to build the tension, we can have a “panoramic shot” that circles them as they fight.

      1. I’m going to bring in my personal light kit, they’re super small and portable with gels so we can change the lighting quickly shot to shot, or have it move in the frame for dramatic effect.

    2. I think we can do the first shot with the main character and the stalker coming into frame and the focus pull between them as a one shot with the Steadicam.

      For the polarizer and sunglasses, we can bring in mirrored sunglasses and shoot the sunglasses at an angle as the direct reflectron will not be blocked by the polarizer. We can also bring in polarized sunglasses to experiment with double polarization.

      Whether or not we do the gunfight or the dance fight, I think we should still do Shennie’s idea of moving the camera in circles around the two actors in the fight.

      In terms of props, I can bring in :
      -2 or 3 Nerf Blasters
      -1 Pair of Mirrored Sunglasses
      -1 Pair of Polarized Sunglasses
      -Nerf Nightvision Goggles (I don’t know if you all still want to do the cop with the NVG bit)

    1. I agree with the costume idea and using shadows, maybe we can even try to keep you in split lighting as much as possible, or even a shot of just the shadows following each other. Could all help the dark tone or aesthetic, then if we have something funny in the end we can change into even lighting to accentuate it…

  4. Just a note here: Edwin made one comment, which was possibly in a different thread (he sent me a screenshot). I can’t locate it, but he participated… (this is a note for myself in terms of grading).


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