Project I Group B

Project I
Group B: Roosevelt, Shennie, Edwin, Bacillio, Conny, Mo (Lawrence), Nick, Amar

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  1. I noticed that the “comment” button was disabled for this page (Group B). Sorry.
    I wish someone had notified me.

    But it is only Thursday morning now. There is a plenty of time to communicate with each other. The other group hasn’t written many comments at all in their thread at this point.

    So, both groups, let’s get the ball rolling.

  2. Here is the notes from our Google Drive from Monday posted here

    Story: Joe Rogan podcast  + beavis and butthead laugh (only one person in the audience)


    – table mic 

    – sun glasses

    – dress up as ice cube *mo 

    – dressed up as pablo *bacilio 

    – dressed up as tom cruise *Amar

    – table 

    – chairs

    @ All, we still need to figure out the specifics of lighting  and the techniques we will be using

  3. Hey group B, when do you guys plan on shooting your scenes in the studio ? time slots preferably

    Group A wants to shoot first before 3pm

  4. Catch Phrase: ” I’m Tom Cruise”
    Lighting for Tom: Butterfly
    Podcast Lighting in Color

    OTS of either Ice Cube or Tom Cruise during the podcast. (Dirty Single?)
    CS: whenever Cruise says his name
    WS: focusing on both men
    MS: kept on both when it focuses on either one of them
    MS: audience member

    Design Principle: Visual Tension btw both men

    Visual Depth: Foreshortening ( item that one of them is holding) , Size Change ( viewing the audience member & one of the celebrities) or Linear Perspective

  5. Can we just close the curtain like we have been doing in class? Both groups are going to need all class hours to be able to complete the project, we may want to re-shoot a couple things, change things around, set up usually takes time also..

    1. Proportion/ Visual Tension – Ice Cube is tall and Tom is short.We can show this in a wide shot. This can also make it seem like Ice is intimidating to Tom adding to visual tension.
      Foreshortening- This can happen right after as we can angle Ice Cube and Tom to be the same height.

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