Project I Group A

Project I
Group A: Jelani, Emmanuel, Cristian, Alisha, Melisa, Nico, Eudora

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  1. Hi guys,

    Here are the notes from yesterday’s pre-production meeting:

    Project Name: Area 54 (tentative name)

    Genre: Sci-Fi love story/kidnapping/murder thriller.

    Storyline: Human falls in love with alien. Human breaks in Area 54 facility to help alien escape but the alien kills love interest and assumes his/her identity. There will be a fight scene between alien and guard.

    Movie will be in color until the murder and then it will be B&W for the duration of the film.

    – Butterfly shot – alien standing over the dead body
    – Linear perspective – Alley shot
    – Size change – walking toward camera with other character in background

    Props (person responsible for bringing prop):
    – Alien mask/face paint
    – Gun (Nico)
    – Area 54 sign
    – Police badge, sunglasses – Men in Black look
    – Mirror (Eudora)
    – LED gloves (Alisha)

    – Voice change for alien after transformation

    Please add anything I might have missed along with any new ideas!


  2. I got the gloves & it still works only thing it glows red now green. I also say a cheaper pair of alien glasses on amazon for $10 I could order it & it’ll be here by Monday if anyone wants to use it.

  3. My suggestion is that the two groups communicate with each other to determine when each group does the lighting scenes in the studio. If both group plan to shoot outside the studio anyway, it will be ideal if there is only one of the groups in the room at a time.

    If both groups have to be in the studio….(it has been done), the groups should still communicate with each other in advance in planning.

  4. So we discussed the story being about a human that falls in love with an alien that is being held at Area 54. He/she plans to help the alien break out and then the alien takes his/her identity. We said the first part of the film will be in color and then when the the alien murders the human it will be B&W for the duration.

    We discussed the following shots:

    – The alien and human cross paths as they enter the building:
    We said this would be a linear perspective shot in the alleyway

    – The alien standing over the dead body of the human:
    We said this would be the butterfly shot

    We discussed using the size change technique. I suggest we combine this with the linear perspective shot. We can have the alien walking towards the camera as the human love interest is walking away. So it would be at least 2 shots – 1)wide shot with linear perspective establishing the location and 2) a medium shot of the two characters crossing paths with one walking toward the camera.

    Also we need to be mindful of the time we spend on each segment. Maybe we should split the group up so that while some are filming in the other locations the others can set up the lighting equipment and get ready for the in-studio shots.



  5. True. I was thinking whoever works on the lighting setup would also film the in-studio part this way everyone can have a chance to contribute.

    Hopefully we can come up with a game plan before class tomorrow…I’m up for whatever the group decides.

  6. As for props I have blood, some weird space glass I got from Disneyland ( could possibly be useful for the agent ) & the gloves. I’m totally down with the idea. Is there anything we need to be typed out?

  7. At this point we need a tentative shot list. It doesn’t have to be final but we need a guide to keep us focused when we shoot.

    Based on the story we already have 3 definite shots. Let’s get it down and whoever is creating the list can add the supplemental shots.

    Some shots could be:
    1) Alien and love interest meet

    2) love interest breaking into Area 54

    3) We probably won’t have time for a full blown fight scene but we can do a quick confrontation between the guard and alien.

    4) Alien leaving Area 54

    Feel free to add to or change proposed shots.


  8. Hey guys, can I have a proper breakdown of the storyline. because and I’m editing I’m not sure I understand what it is. where does the mirror scene come into play? Before or after I rescue the alien from Nico? Because in the mirror scene Nico and I switches bodies, but in the last scene we shot he’s killing me.

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