Project I Criteria

Project I
Group A: Jelani, Emmanuel, Cristian, Alisha, Melisa, Nico, Eudora

Group B: Roosevelt, Shennie, Edwin, Bacilio, Conny, Mo (Lawrence), Nick, Amar

Project I Criteria

Think of shooting some different scenes with good lighting and camerawork. The scenes can be unrelated from each other.Criteria:
1. Pre-Production: Your Participation on OpenLab (online brainstorming & discussion)
2. Lighting: Rembrandt in color
3. Lighting: Split in b/w
4. Lighting: Butterfly in b/w
5. One of the Design Principles (unity, balance, visual tension, rhythm, proportion, contrast, texture, and directionality)
6. One of the Design Principles (see above)
7. create “visual depth” in terms of overlap, size change, linear perspective, and foreshortening (two of them of your choice). Chiaroscuro is omitted here as it is covered in the lighting requirements.
8. Your Production Participation/Attitude
9. Your Contribution to crew
10. Your Individual Achievements

Shoot Video Footage

Your priority is to shoot video footage for this project although I encourage you to take some still images in addition. Don’t depend on dialogue so much, but tell your story visually. 

No editing is required in this class. But If you bring a hard drive, you can acquire copies of your own footage. You don’t gain any point through editing in this class.

DON’T delete any footage as we can always learn from outtakes.

It is important that you all participate in the online discussion on OpenLab after the session on November 4th and until the filming day on the 11th. Pre-production matters the most in any video project. Plan and prepare as much as you can.