Project I Group III

Members of Group III: Yarie, Aion, Maxime, and Jonathan.

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  1. Max

    Hi guys,
    So, I just watched our shots, and I have some comments about them. At first, I have to say that I really need to learn english (hahaha). So seriously, this is a list of what we need to improve for future projects.
    – Pre-production is really the key and we need to plan more, thus when we arrive on set, we know exactly what to do
    – Some shots were to dark especially when the action started at one location and finished at another. I guess we have to learn how to play with the iris a little bit more
    – The sound was decent, but it needed some adjustment I think. We will probably learn that later on during the semester
    – I really liked when we did the low angle shot and turn around Yarie, but going a little bit faster would create a more exciting shot I think

    Thanks for these two hours, it was pretty fun. And thank you for playing the game of “Shooting a short movie in 2 and a half hours. I wish we had more time because this could have been be a series of stories.

    1. Yarie

      Hello everyone!

      So continuing with what Max has already stated, I will write about what I believed worked and what didn’t.

      What didn’t work?

      -As Max previously stated we need to improve on our pre-production process and communication. Personally I wasn’t able to invest as much time into pre-production planning as I had hoped to. Moving on forward I will definitely dedicate more time to putting my ideas onto paper.

      – Some shots were out of focus making the picture look blurry. Better hand stabilization, use of the tripod (tilting and panning), and assigning a focus puller will make this a problem of the past.

      What did work?

      – The shot list/ script! Max’s script and both shot lists (Max and Jonathan made one) were incredibly useful. During production we were able to refer back to the shot list to do our scenes. This also provided us with a variety of shots to chose from.

      – Taking chances! Doing very low angles, action moves, etc.

  2. Jon_Burcin

    Max’s script and storyboard are great, and Yarie seems to know what I’m talking about with the style for the project.

    Here’s a funny video with quick jump cuts. It’s random but fits the tone of what I want the project to be:

    I have a storyboard too which I’ll bring to class. I would post it here but I wrote my notes on a piece of paper and I don’t have a scanner.

    1. Jon_Burcin

      Since Ryoya wants to go so ridiculously hard on participation, I’ll take a picture of my storyboard and post it here since I don’t have a scanner.
      As for props, I’ll bring a hat, and sunglasses so we can have other characters. We can probably use a microphone from the equipment for the interviewer part.

  3. Max

    Ok, so let’s make a list of location.

    First scene: Front of the school (reporter talking)
    Second scene: Classroom or elsewhere in the building (Peter and superhero with the tripod)
    Third scene: Outside like next to the playground (Peter and superhero with the collapsible reflector)
    Fourth scene: Outside (Peter building tripod and using collapsible reflector with a fast pace)

  4. Ryoya Terao Post author

    How about this requirement?: Use a collapsible reflector by widow or outside

    The reflector itself can be a prop for a comical element. As I suggested somewhere in this group’s thread, it is important that you don’t get stuck in one classroom. Visually, it will be more interesting and comical if your story travels to different locations, and Peter is still struggling. There is a problem/challenge in each location. Don’t limit yourself to only the tripod, but also you can incorporate sound issues, difficulties with the collapsible reflector, and so on.

    Thus far, only Maxime will have an excellent grade in the online discussion. I suggest all of you to be involved further. I don’t see one of the students’ participation anywhere at all…

  5. Max

    Hey professor,
    Did you take a look at the storyboard? The beginning and the end of the video take place outside. Also, I am not so attached to the class location, and I would be happy to choose some more interesting spots. I was there during the assignment explanation, so could you tell me what is going to happen tomorrow?

    1. Ryoya Terao Post author


      >I am not so attached to the class location, and I would be happy to choose some more interesting spots.

      The classroom is a controlled environment. That means there is not people traffic once all the other teams leave. That’s the advantage. But as I stated earlier today, it will be more interesting visually to film at different spots in the building. Don’t go to Voorhees, which is too far. So, think of good spots, which are different from each other at Namm and Atrium.

      >I was there during the assignment explanation, so could you tell me what is going to happen tomorrow?

      Tomorrow, almost the entire class will be devoted to Project I. There will be no lecture except you will get the quiz back. During the last session, right after the quiz, we went over all the questions together, and so we don’t have to do it again. If you have any questions, please talk to during the break or after class.

  6. Yarie

    I’m all for that idea, not only would it be educational but also comical.
    As for fast paced I imagine changing to different shots rapidly (fast cutting/jump cuts).

    If we keep it sweet and simple our goal will be more attainable.
    I will also create a storyboard and we can all collectively compare our shots and finalize.

    I’ve found some examples of fast cutting/jump cuts and have posted the links below: – example of fast cutting – example of jump cuts

    What do you guys think? Do any of these videos come close to what you guys have in mind?

    1. Ryoya Terao Post author

      Yarie, your suggestions are all relevant. They show that you are creative. I just wrote some comments on Maxime’s ideas, you and your teammates can still develop this comedy/tutorial further before class.

      Do you need any props?

    1. Max

      I am a big of humor in movies, so I am totally up with this idea. Should we make our video silent, and incorporate graphics, or with text? What do you think?

      1. Jon_Burcin

        I think that would take too much editing time to do all the text, make it black and white, add effects, etc. I think a short, fast-paced, comedic sketch would have to do. If you want to draw a quick storyboard of some scenes incorporating some of the shots we need to do, I’ll do that too and we can compare and decide which ones to use.

          1. Max

            Sorry for the late answer guys.
            I had an idea to make it funny and silly, but I don’t if you’ll like it, so let me know.
            guide line of the story:

            A character is trying to setup a tripod ,but he has no idea how it work (playing a little bit like a dumb person). He starts getting angry and he is ready to give up when a super hero arrives to rescue him. his name is Iknowitman. Step by step he builds the tripod explaining everything to the “dumb” guys.

            If you like it, I can right a small script.

            1. Max

              As we need to shoot inside and outside, we could do the following:
              – Inside part: Character trying to building the tripod, and Ikmowitman showing him how to do it.

              Outside part: The character is outside, proud, building the tripod by himself.

              1. Max

                Hey Guys,
                I finished the script, but I am having difficulties with Adobe story. I cannot copy/paste or export as a pdf what I wrote. I will find a way to put a link in a bit. At least I hope.

                  1. Max

                    Ok! I realized that I went off subject with my script. Let’s forget the super hero (even if I loved the idea :(). Did any of you start a story a storyboard or a list of shots?

                    1. Max

                      Hey guys,
                      Just so you know, I am making a storyboard of my script, and I am incorporating a reporter in the beginning and at the end of the story in response to the criteria of the assignment. I’d like you to get familiar with the short script if you can, thus it will make things smoother on Monday. I am happy to play the super hero, and we would need a report (two or three shots) and the role of Peter (a few shots as well.) The storyboard is coming shortly. I have props as well!! We can do this!!

                    2. Ryoya Terao Post author

                      Yes, I was going to suggest to incorporate a reporter in this scenario. I’m glad that you thought about it.

                      In this script, you will need some LS, MS, and CU to tell the story visually. For example, their serious faces, parts of the tripod, the reporter observing even when he/she is not speaking. One concern, thought, is that it may not be visually interesting enough as it all takes place in one classroom. I suggest, after Peter figuring out how to use a tripod properly, go to a different location; for example, somewhere in Atrium (think of a floor) as the sun light come in beautifully. However, there is a noise issue coming from its electricity (?). Therefore, think of a location (locations) wisely. Then, there may be another object for Peter to faces…maybe now, he knows about a tripod, but doesn’t know anything about the camera…something like that.

    2. Ryoya Terao Post author

      Jonathan, if you had the idea originally (I vaguely recall you said something like that), you must post what you suggested originally here in the online discussion. Otherwise, based on what I see here, your grade in participation of the online discussion will be very low.


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