Project I Group II

Members of Group II: Raul, Steve, Jad, Dominique, and Rich.

4 thoughts on “Project I Group II

  1. Ryoya Terao Post author

    OK. This thread was created 13 days ago. There has been nothing written here. The entire group is failing thus far.

    You may have discussed something in class, but you are supposed to explain what it was right here, so that whoever reads this thread will know what you plan to do TOMORROW. If no one writes anything, don’t wait for each other. Someone must take initiative, and then the person will receive a good grade in the category of “online discussion”. Sometimes there is a student who claims that he/she didn’t participate in the online discussion because everything was already discussed. Well, there is no such a thing, “100% perfect pre-production”. No matter how experienced people are, they keep spending a lot of time in pre-production. In fact, more experienced people are, more time they spend in pre-production.
    And, in the case of this group, nothing has been written here…It is up to you whether any of you wishes to take initiative to write some ideas based on the requirements, and create a detailed shot list and a simple storyboard.


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