Project I Group I

Members of Group I: Joe W., Sheena, Sam, Chris, and Joe L.

21 thoughts on “Project I Group I

  1. Dominic

    hey guys I saw your video and thought it was great and really funny. I like the scenes when joe drop his money and Sheena took it and played it off like she didn’t. I also like the fighting scene in the back ground during the interview.

  2. SheenaBeena

    I think we did pretty well but could have done better.
    The shot of Sam and I during the interview could have been a tighter MS.

    I ATTEMPTED to get a LS of the building and I don’t like it. It definitely could have been better.

    I loved the moving shots with Joe W. walking down the stairs and dropping the money. I think that was a cool shot.

    The Contra Zoom could have been better as well but it was nice.

    The ECU of Joe L. “smoking” under the “no smoking” sign was a good shot.
    I think for that shot we should have done a right to left pan to the sign and then the tilt down to show a sense of location within the building.

    I enjoyed the wide angle lens shots with Joe W. on the phone featuring Chris (lol)
    That was a cool shot and you could really see the use of the lens.

    Overall I think we did good. There is room for improvement, of course.

  3. SheenaBeena

    I have an idea for a shot list
    ELS- of the EXT. of the Namm building or Atrium (I like Atrium better), low angle looking at sky tilting down
    LS- We go into a LS of the the building (either EXT or INT)
    LS- We can also have a LS with a left to right pan inside the school. This shot can be done near the cafeteria while panning from left to right (towards the Atrium from Namm entrance)
    Those shots would be to gain a sense of Location
    Also, I think we should film from the Ground floor Atrium up until the library while “showcasing” the school. I know that was the idea behind this, right?

    CU- we can get the CUs during the interview or CUs of one of us sitting and “reading”, being productive while in school. This shot could also be an ECU.

    For the handheld shots, we can do a POV of someone going up and down the stairs in the Atrium.
    I think this will be for a nice effective shot. We can also show the POV of someone walking through the crowd of students, dealing with the crowd on the elevators.

    The reporter “act” can happen near the library or in the library.
    We can even do this scene outside.
    (We spoke about having a contradictory act going on during the reporter act, I think we would be able to use a contra zoom at this point)

    Let me know if you understand what I wrote for the shots and what you guys think!

    1. Joe

      Ok so I think with that shot list, we should start from the top to outside. We should start from the stairs and work down to the first floor shots and then go outside for the final shots.

  4. SheenaBeena

    Yeah Ii think that we should do a little mixture of both depending on the weather. Namm is a crowded place but I also think it’s okay to have some folks walking by, that shouldn’t hurt our shots. I’m not sure on what topic we’re going to go with.

    1. Joe

      *Puts glasses on* I concur with the overall sentiments that have transpired throughout this thread. We shall proceed with thy interview, although according to my calculations, the weather may bestow a briskness upon us. Therefore, if we proceed to abide by the conditions for thy interview, we shall conduct said interview indoors. That is all.

      1. Ryoya Terao Post author

        This group needs to write something more specific. Don’t wait for each other at this point. Someone must take initiative. Look at Maxime is doing in one of the other groups. Otherwise, with this much of lack of preparation, your will video will be unsuccessful. I’m afraid that not only the online discussion but also the entire project will most likely fail with this group.

        You need a concrete, solid idea with all the requirement incorporated. Then, there should be a detailed shot list and a simple storyboard (unless someone in this group is a skillful storyboard artist). Pre-production matters the most. You have one day left, and can still achieve greatly. But it is up to you.

  5. Joe

    I do like the idea of walking around and doing the interview while trying to show off the school but what would the interview be about? Also do we want to do this outside or inside because I think it is harder to find quality shots at Namm without getting interference.

    1. Joseph L

      True I was thinking of having a combo of interior and exterior shots. The interview could be about elevator tips and do’s and don’ts of elevators. but the topic is subject to change if anyone has input.

  6. Joseph L

    I think Chris’s idea is good so is Sam’s. I think i have an idea to incorporate both idea’s. So what we can do is make a short video about the best way to get around the city tech campus. While we are doing so we can use Sam’s idea to film an interview with a student or one of us while having someone in the background do the opposite of our recommendation. If you guys are interested in this idea let me know and we can brainstorm some shot lists and locations in the school.

    1. Ryoya Terao Post author

      This group may be polite to each other…the discussion hasn’t progressed much judging from what was written more than 10 days ago, and how it looks now. You will be filming tomorrow.

    1. Ryoya Terao Post author

      So, this was written 11 days ago (by Chris). This simple suggestion was all right for the beginning. But now, the day before the shooting, this group should have a shot list at least.

  7. SheenaBeena

    So Sam mentioned us doing an interview and while that interview is going on, something contradictory to the topic within that interview is happening in the background. I like this idea actually. What else has everyone been thinking?

    1. Ryoya Terao Post author

      I still have no idea what Sam suggested (perhaps in class?). He has not written anything in this thread as of 9 am, Sunday, Oct. 18th. In that case, someone else in this group should state what it was. Then, anyone who reads this thread would know what this group is doing.


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