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  1. Ryoya Terao Post author

    A report from Namm, City Tech

    It will be ideal for you to suggest your own theme.

    Some examples of topics:

    The new building in progress
    Stop vandalism
    Smoking is allowed only outside, but even outside, some people are bothered by the smoke…
    Where technology takes you….??…
    A success story (stories) of City Tech graduates (with a fictional character)
    How to use a collapsible reflector everywhere (but there must be some humorous failing scenes such as disturbing pedestrians)

    CRITERIA: These shots need to be included

    Some shots on Tripod & handheld

    Both EXT. (exterior) & INT. (interior)


    Correct white balance
    Effective use of wide angle lens adaptor

    Use a collapsible reflector by widow or outside

    Handheld for exciting moving shots

    Decent audio for the speaking parts

    A reporter talking to camera & act like talking the host in the studio
    Interview 2 students
    Contra zoom!!!


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