Video Switcher Exercise 1

As discussed, on Monday, November 23rd, we will execute “Video Switcher Exercise 1” in class. There should be at least two “stories”. There could be three depends on how efficiently we can produce the “live shows”.

One of them needs to be in a virtual news room or a live TV show set. The others don’t need to be a newsroom story. We welcome all kinds of suggestions.

Although this is not a project for grading, your online participation will be part of your course grade in terms of class participation. Your participation/attitude during the class time period count as well.

Let’s make this project a fun, creative, and good hands-on learning experience!

26 thoughts on “Video Switcher Exercise 1

    1. Yarie

      So I’ve read the entire thread and like all the ideas everyone has come up with.

      I love talk shows, but since everyone’s ideas are falling somewhere between talk show, talent show, and singing I’m thinking of something more like a variety show. Variety shows are great because there is no particular theme that we have to follow. We can have a band, people with scissors, breaking news, etc in a variety show and no one will question it.

      I like the set up that Jonathan has come up with, easily to move around. Control station should be placed in a semi permanent spot while we are shooting because it does take time to move it around. The set itself and the cameras are easily portable.

      Max’s ideas are of having talent is great but I do not like the panel of judges ideas that’s why I’ve gone on the variety show route and Sheena’s breaking news is comical because it will be random nonsense.

  1. Richard Holzhauer

    i like the idea of a talk show. every episode on a talk show is different so the possibilities are endless. we can show funny video clips (like funniest home videos, tosh.0 ) and have someone announce the videos. we can also have the live band. it doesn’t matter if all of us don’t play instruments, we can improvise and make it fun. we can even sing, it is funnier that we all have horrible voices and no group training. we can also talk about current events (serious or funny) but keep it more positive. the american music awards is tonight so there will be alot to make fun of. i am fine with being on the show and also working the equipment

    1. Ryoya Terao Post author

      It is great to have Joe as a guest, but in general, even to improvise something, it is good to be prepared as much as possible. In the end, even if you end up improvising, if you start with a blank page or an almost blank page, it usually doesn’t expand the horizon enough. Professional comedians can do it, but not us.

  2. Max

    Hello everyone,
    I like the idea of the Ellen show thanks Ryoya. I don’t know if anyone has a talent to show, but it could be pretty fun.. It could be small, big, ridiculous or not. It could be a magic trick or something weird to could do with your body. You could also tell a incredible story than happen to you. Real or not, it does not matter. Tell me if you like this idea so I could dig more into it this week end.

    1. SheenaBeena

      I like this idea as well, Max. I was also thinking along the lines of a “talent show” and of course with it being something ridiculous. Really we can explore any topic during this “show”. There could be some sort of breaking news during the show.

          1. Max

            Guys, we are only a few people talking about this fun project, so I guess we will make it happen together. So I was thinking of a few things. they would be multiple guests:
            -First guest: I will bring some card and somebody will do a very bad magic trick (take a card away but seen by everyone for example) The most ridiculous the better.

            – Second guest: I will bring some sheets of paper and scissors. the idea is the guest would say that they have a unique talent, which is to be able to cut any shapes in a sheet of paper. (look!! this is a square)

            – Third guest: Maybe a very bad singer, who thinks that he is very good. Instead of singing real words, he/she would only sing with some na na na na na na na na

            Also, I will bring some random videos of something completely boring. And the host would sometimes say, “and let’s not forget what it is happening in (country)” and boom ridiculous video of just a few seconds. This might be French humor, but I think you will like it.

            The host (Yarie I think) would for every guests make a very confused face about what is happening, but would still try to be professional and respectful (not easy when the talents are ridiculously bad)

            1. SheenaBeena

              Lol yes Max… I love that. Just ridiculous things happening. What do you think about the “breaking news” to something really silly?

              I do like your idea about the french humor. I’m all for it. You think doing that “boring” clip should take the place of the “breaking news”?

              1. Max

                Perfect!! find a few ideas for the breaking news and write them down please. We need to have something on paper for tomorrow or it is going to be a mess.

            2. Ryoya Terao Post author


              Good ideas!

              Playing cards is fine. Then, we need to think of appropriate camera positions. Let’s use a virtual newsroom for this.

              Bringing video clips is good. I tested it on Friday. I was able to import .mov files easily, but not mp4.

              Then, having a bad singer is a good one. In that case, perhaps we use one of the green wall for the host of the show, and the second green wall for the singing space? This way, we will need to create another space besides the virtual newsroom. Think of a good background. It could be a still photo, or a moving image of something unrelated like a fish tank. Be imaginative.

              Then, you could have like three seats to show the audience. This doesn’t require any green screen.

              If it is a talent show, you could create a space with a table of judges. This doesn’t require a green wall, either.

              I’m writing this to everyone, not limited to Max only.

              If you can think of some props, that will be good, too. But tomorrow will be a practice day for the next project. So, things don’t have to go perfectly smooth. Yet, it is better to prepare for any filming day as much as possible.

  3. Ryoya Terao Post author

    After the last session, a student from another class stopped by. For some reasons, we decided to imitate the lighting of “Bohemian Rhapsody”: It is the lighting when all the members of Queen are lit from above as they sing in their music video:

    If we don’t have a live band with instruments in class, we could lip sync to an existing song like this. Then, you can be creative with camerawork and lighting. For something like this, you don’t need a virtual newsroom, but instead you can have the black curtain closes, and design lighting and composed camerawork more than a virtual newsroom. something like this could be the second setup.

  4. Ryoya Terao Post author

    It is ideal to focus on a positive content. Here is one example, featuring Malala in the Ellen Show:

    Apart from the content, this episode shows two shots (a two people shot), single shots, changing the background photos, and also one of the cameras at times show people in the audience, particularly Malala’s family. This is not a news show, yet has very good elements for us to practice technically.

  5. Raul

    What up team?!

    I have a video I’m putting together for another class. Its 16sec and its action packed. We can use it for one of the guess pugs.

    1. Ryoya Terao Post author

      I just made some announcements on BB, which were e-mailed to everyone in class automatically. However, there was an error message stating this:
      The address you sent your message to wasn’t found at the destination domain.
      I will contact Mr. Rezaul Hoque about this matter. I suggest you follow up as it is important that you receive all messages on BB in all classes. He is the Asst. to Director & Blackboard Admin. This is his e-mail address:


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