True Value Hardware

The local hardware store I visited is Hillside True Value Hardware. It’s located in Jamaica,Queens on 169th street, hillside avenue. The store specializes in plumbing and household supplies, like paint, kitchen and gardening. Their tool selection reflected that so they carry stuff like shovels and light bulbs, different knobs, hinges etc.  Everything was labeled pretty clearly in the store so it wasn’t difficult to browse their selection of items. The only thing I had to ask the staff for was gloves which was kept behind the counter. Getting to the store is easy, Hillside Avenue is a main road in queens and they have a very small parking lot. The store is large, clean and has been open for as long as I can remember.IMG_2689

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Kings Highway Hardware

I have been to my fair share of hardware stores: Home Depot (of course), Metropolitan Lumber, NY Replacement parts, etc. They are all great, have a wide variety of materials and parts, and have knowledgable staff. For this assignment though, I decided to try a different type of hardware store. I chose to visit my neighborhoods local hardware store, Kings Highway Hardware (although the sign out front now says “Staphos”). It’s a pretty small mom and pop type of shop that seems to focus more on home needs.

I unfortunately did not get to speak to the staff during my visit since they were busy – I of course did take a look around however. The focus of the store did seem to be on basic home needs. They had some of the basic tools and accessories like hammers, screwdrivers, nails and screws (as you can see in the background of my “amazing” picture). They did not have any power tools that I saw though. Some of the other things carried were basic home needs like a selection of lightbulbs, cleaners, and numbers to post on the outside of your home.

Nothing about the store was spectacular or made it stand out. And the name change on the front of the store threw me off a little bit. If I were take anything away from this experience , it’s that now I know where my nearest hardware store is.


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Hardware store homework posted

Hello all. The assignment page for the Hardware Store homework has been updates here.


You can also always find the most recent assignment files on the Assignments page.

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