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I live few blocks from Ovington House & Hardware. They are not known for selling power tools, they basically sell only hand tools and little supplies like screws, nails, some pipe fittings iron and plastic. They have a very small selection on electrical. They sell some power tools like black & decker.

They are really known for their paint selection. The store is 40’ long from front to back of the store. The left side when you walk in has the cash out counter with small lock smith. Then going on back had the hand tools and pipe fitting. The center of the store has some rope, tape, and glue, little bit of cleaning supplies. And the right row and has entire wall of just paint supplies and paint making station, with paint chips. And on the back wall has the electrical small portion of stuff, enough though to get the job done.14256821_1776531972631454_497922227_n

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  1. Most neighborhood shops are like this. They have a little bit of everything, but only specialize in one thing. For most scenery folks, knowing a good paint store is very important.

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