Welcome to:
Introduction to Video Technology!


This course will take a comprehensive look at how to produce a video from start to finish.  We’ll also explore some key concepts in understanding different styles of filmmaking.  We’ll meet together online each week for lectures, discussions, and film screenings.

My background includes being an editor of television programs and other digital media for over 30 years.  I’m visually oriented and also have a strong sense of narrative, and that has been visible in a lot of my editing work. I’m experienced in teaching both the creative and technical aspects of production, editing, and post-production.  Academically, I have an MFA in Filmmaking from the Yale University School of Art and a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcasting and Film from the Boston University College of Communication.

I’ve been teaching as an Adjunct in the Entertainment Technology Department at City Tech for the last five years and hope you will enjoy participating in the class as much as I enjoy teaching it.