ADV 1100 – Value-Added Portraits — High key & Low key Photographs

Low key

High key

These are two of five pictures that I took that represent high key and low key. The first image shows how there’s a lot of white and creme colors, meanwhile the second image shows darkness with a hint of light. Even though they both have a mix between light and dark they both share a dominant color which defines them as high key or low key images.

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ADV 1100 – Aural Topographies: Visualizing Sound’

Rhythmic Elevations/Pattern Mashup

Assignment #2

For this assignment we had to visualize sound and make two compositions, one that represents the sound of our favorite piece of music and one that represents our name in the form of topography. In the beginning honestly I thought it was a pointless assignment. I didn’t see how it was possible to give such meaning to topography, It was something that threw me off because I had never done such abstract work. What I learned though is that I actually liked the outcome. I chose to make it really personal by incorporating others things that represent me and what I am about. I also added some color to emphasize. My favorite part of this assignment was just letting go and drawing what ever came to mind not worrying about any restrictions. Next assignment though I will time myself better, I feel like I wasted a lot of time that could have went into the project.

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ADV1100 – A View From My Window

Assignment #1

Assignment #1

In my opinion this project was very helpful in that I learned a lot of new concepts like figure and ground relationships and other important vocabulary words that go into this project. I learned to get in the habit of  taking notes of the times and dates I work so that I can be more efficient and time myself. I also learned how to follow specific procedures for an assignment. For this project the one thing I wish I could have done better is the initial sketches. I rushed through them and didn’t really follow the instructions. This messed me up because I then had to go back and redo them. I will definitely apply what I have learned to my next assignment because the things I have learned are essential to completing a unified piece of art.



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