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Photoshop: Album Cover

My final Photoshop assignment was to create an album cover. I made one for a made up singer/songwriter, using a monochromatic palette and subtle accent colors to set a relaxed mood. The idea behind the title is that music can take you to another world.

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Photoshop: Photo Correction

Using the Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush and Patch Tool, we learned how to restore damaged photographs by highlighting cracks, torn edges and discolored areas.

repaired image

damaged image

Photoshop: Past vs. Future

This project involved combining a modern-day image with one from the past. I’m really into virtual reality, so I thought of someone from the early 1900s wearing a headset to experience the future and falling in love with it. I used the quick selection tool to cut the technology away from its background image, then altered the hue, contrast and brightness to match the quality of the old photograph.

past vs future

Photoshop: Hyperrealism

After going over the basics of Photoshop, we were challenged to create a false reality. My hyperrealistic image combines nature with black identity by overlaying forest trees onto an afro. Each of my assets had to be color corrected before they could work together. With more time, I would’ve added a dark outdoor background and shaped his hair strands to look like branches/treetops.

Illustrator: Silhouette

For our second project, we practiced with the pen and curvature tools in Illustrator by picking an action photo of a person and tracing their silhouette. I chose Jade Chynoweth, an 18-year-old dancer from immaBEAST.

Her talent and style are unmatched, so I went with a striking pose that lives up to her title as “the Olympian of dance.” The eyedropper tool helped me fill each shape with accurate color, and changing the line stroke gave the image life.

jade chynoweth silhouette original jade

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