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Illustrator: Business Card

In this Illustrator project, I reused my logo from Assignment #1 to create a business card for my art shop. I derived a color palette from the logo and imported icons to grab the viewer’s attention. Messing around with the font weight, size and spacing helped establish hierarchy.

business card

Illustrator: Silhouette

For our second project, we practiced with the pen and curvature tools in Illustrator by picking an action photo of a person and tracing their silhouette. I chose Jade Chynoweth, an 18-year-old dancer from immaBEAST.

Her talent and style are unmatched, so I went with a striking pose that lives up to her title as “the Olympian of dance.” The eyedropper tool helped me fill each shape with accurate color, and changing the line stroke gave the image life.

jade chynoweth silhouette original jade

Illustrator: Logo

OurĀ  first project was to create a logo out of shapes in Illustrator (no pen tool allowed!) based on something that defines us. For me, this was art.

paintbrush white bkgd Continue reading

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