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Mobile App: Stellar

Stellar: Aim your phone camera at the sky & create some constellations.

stellar app

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After Effects: Postcard

Two friends stuck in a simulation.

arcade postcard

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Premiere Pro: Movie Trailer

In Retribution, a made-up movie for MTEC 1001, the female lead (played by Jhené Aiko) finds out she’s being cheated on and goes on a jealous rampage. Her boyfriend (casted as Zayn) tried to play the victim, but she has no mercy. She wrecks his car, kills him in cold blood, and dumps his body in the ocean. Later on, she spirals into insanity and turns herself in.

trailer preview

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Audition: Alessia Cara x Billie Ellish Mashup

Using Audition, I mixed the acapellas of Here by Alessia Cara and Copycat by Billie Ellish & had them take turns over an acoustic loop. The intro is a quote from Inception, distorted to sound like a cassette tape recording before being “ejected” so that my mashup could be played. The outro is a thunderclap, followed by heavy rain fading out.

Photoshop: Album Cover

My final Photoshop assignment was to create an album cover. I made one for a made up singer/songwriter, using a monochromatic palette and subtle accent colors to set a relaxed mood. The idea behind the title is that music can take you to another world.

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