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Installation: Take a Deep Breath

A safe space. A digital experience.
You control the colors, rain, and music in this interactive art & sound installation.

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Tilt Brush: Sky

Last week was my first “Artist Tuesday” at Jump Into The Light VR Studio! I drew my character from the recently released iOS game, Sky: Children of the Light.


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After Effects: Postcard

Two friends stuck in a simulation.

arcade postcard

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Photoshop: Album Cover

My final Photoshop assignment was to create an album cover. I made one for a made up singer/songwriter, using a monochromatic palette and subtle accent colors to set a relaxed mood. The idea behind the title is that music can take you to another world.

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Photoshop: Past vs. Future

This project involved combining a modern-day image with one from the past. I’m really into virtual reality, so I thought of someone from the early 1900s wearing a headset to experience the future and falling in love with it. I used the quick selection tool to cut the technology away from its background image, then altered the hue, contrast and brightness to match the quality of the old photograph.

past vs future

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