You’re the new recruit for MTEC’s space crew and your sector is under attack. Blast robots, defend the space station and stay alive in this virtual reality shoot-em-up for iOS.

Invasion VR was my team’s final project for MTEC 2210 (Game Design & Interactive Media). It was a first for all of us— we were all new to Unity & C#, and had never made a game before. After 3 weeks of endless YouTube tutorials, free models from the Unity Asset Store, and some shader incompatibility (hint: bake your lightmaps), this is what we got :)


Gwen: built the environment and lighting using a modular pack
Michael: created navigation mesh for enemy movement, animated models
Chris: weapon functionality (raycasting, tap to shoot, particle system), scripted player and enemy health (hit indicator, death animation)
Ekemini (me!): delegated team roles, implemented VR functionality, scripted enemy spawning, managed audio and UI

Some of our plans for the future:
  • Add more weapons & enemies
  • Make a story mode
  • Build the rest of the space station (and have the player progress through each room)
  • Publish to the App Store