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Category: Interactive

Interactive media: digital systems that respond to user input.

Here you’ll find p5.js sketches (art generated by code), Tilt Brush creations, and¬†immersive experiences controlled by Arduino sensors.

Installation: Take a Deep Breath

A safe space. A digital experience.
You control the colors, rain, and music in this interactive art & sound installation.

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Tilt Brush: Sky

Last week was my first “Artist Tuesday” at Jump Into The Light VR Studio! I drew my character from the recently released iOS game, Sky: Children of the Light.


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p5: TV Static

Colorful TV static created in 4 different color palettes.

tv static p5 sketch

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Arduino: Plantsitter

Keep your potted plant healthy with a robot designed to drive it towards sunlight, remind you when to water it, and beep when the soil gets too dry.

arduino prototype

Our Arduino prototype of the Plantsitter bot.


  • LCD: cycles through the selected plant preset, moisture level, how long ago the plant was last watered, and the battery percentage.
  • Piezo speaker: beeps when it’s time to water the plant (either when moisture levels are too low or after an allotted number of days have passed).
  • Photocells: detect light in the room. Determine which direction to move in and how fast to drive.
  • Motors & wheels: move the plant around the room.
  • Push button: toggles between the “flower” and “succulent” presets.
  • Infrared sensor: detects obstacles as the bot drives.
  • Moisture sensor: monitors water in the soil.

I drafted an original design for the body of the robot and 3D modeled it in Autodesk Inventor. My friend Lydia selected the hardware components and wired the circuit. Together, we wrote code for the Arduino Uno.

gantt chartThe Gantt chart we used throughout conceptualization, design, and production.

This project was completed at the end of our senior year in high school (March-May 2018).

Download the 3D model here: plantsitterEOY.ipj

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