ekemini nkantaEkemini Nkanta is an experimental artist and front-end developer starting her sophomore year at City Tech. She strives to make people feel, whether it be through interactive experiences, code-driven art, or painting. Her work in VR and creative coding seeks to bridge the gap between art and technology.





August 2019: I’ve been announced as a finalist in the state-wide Support Creativity Scholarship for interactive media!! They invited me to present several portfolio pieces in their (Untitled)4: Art Awards Show.

May 2019: My interactive art & sound experience, “take a deep breath,” was displayed in NYCCT’s annual MTEC Spring Show!

September 2018: My team won “Best Hack for Food/Water/Shelter” for our cross-platform mobile app Prep at ByteHacks. It was the largest all-women hackathon in NYC. (And 24 hours long. RIP my eyes.)

March 2018: Honestly one of the best things that has ever happened to me: I entered the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and  was announced a National Gold Medalist in Science Fiction for a short story I wrote called “Don’t Look Down”. I even got a Silver Key for my poem “Here I Stand, a Masterpiece” and an Honorable Mention for my college essay “Art is Not My Therapy”. (Out of 350k works received, 19.6k earned regional awards, and 3,259 went on to win national medals.)

May 2017: Awarded 3rd place for slam poetry performance “Here I Stand, a Masterpiece” in Brooklyn Tech’s Talent Show :)