7 thoughts on “Essay 2 First Draft – Unfinished”

  1. Good essay, Brittny. I really liked the questions that you raised while writing the essay. One suggestion for you is to use transition words in your introduction paragraph to make connections between sentences. Additionally, when you use the quotation, put the author’s last name and a page number in the parenthesis. Also find outside sources that you can connect to your main text. Do not forget to do the works cited page as well. I think that you are on a good start. Can not wait to see your final draft.

  2. Hi Britney,

    As others stated this is a very strong first draft. i’m glad you were creative and picked a very controversial which kept me engaged. As stated above just remember to add the works cited page at the end of the essay on your final draft. Also as stated please include the author, page number when quoting , “Quote” (Author,Page number).

  3. Hello Brittny,
    Fascinating essay. I like how you introduce different perspectives, and the way you compare both stories and the characters.“The narrator himself is a wild and unfiltered man as he freely speaks his mind” You did a great job. Please review In-text citations, it should include last name and the page number.

  4. Hey Brittny! Great essay! There are a few minor grammatical errors so just make sure to read over for those, and double-check your citations, the professor’s MLA quick guide is a great reference with examples!

  5. Hi Brittny,
    Your work is always very strong. Your draft is a great start and I can not wait to read your final revision. Your comparisons throughout your essay are very engaging. Just touch upon some grammar errors and citations.

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