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  1. Nice start, Emily. You have a good understanding of the text “The Money.” When you start doing your final draft try to raise questions about the text. Additionally, use quotes from the text to support your thesis. Have a look at the MLA Citation Guide to make sure that you give credit to the author in a correct way. Also, find an article that you can connect to your main text and discuss it.

  2. Hi Emily,

    This is a great start. As stated above when doing draft compare this text to another text assigned in class and find an outside source as well. Also remember to quote in MLA citation style , “Quote” (Author,Page number). Also remember to have an updated works cited page in the final draft.

  3. Hey Emily! This is a good start but I feel like you can add so much more to it. Check for run-on sentences, you’ve got some long ones starting with the first sentence, “In “The money” by Junot Diaz, this is a story of Junot’s family who had migratedto New Jersey from the Dominican Republic where his mother didn’t have a job the onlyjob was to take care of him and his other four siblings, while his father was the one whohad a job even though he was always being laid off his job and even times he couldn’t finda job to provide his family. ” check for spelling and grammatical errors as well. Break down your sentences. Also, there aren’t many quotes, try to include more to support your research. Make sure you cite them (Author last name, pg#) and end with the MLA citation reference page at the end! I use easybib.com

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