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A message from Prof. Hamid Norouzi, Director of Undergraduate Research.

There are a few spots still available for the 2018-2019 CRSP program. Students in bachelor’s programs with fewer than 50 credits can apply. CUNY limits faculty to mentoring a maximum of 3 CRSP students.

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider serving as a mentor in the CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP). You may be approached by students interested in conducting research or reach out to promising students yourself in order to advance your scholarly endeavors.

The CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP) is a year-long program which provides full-time students enrolled in associate degree programs with funded opportunities for laboratory conduct research with a faculty mentor.  There is funding support for CRSP faculty mentors ($1,200 per student) for summer salary, research equipment/supplies, or travel. In addition to participation in research, the program includes mandatory workshops on lab safety, responsible conduct in research, and other research-related skills. Students must also complete training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI); submit an abstract, prepare a poster and participate in the poster sessions towards the end of the fall and spring semester; as well as participate in the CUNY-wide summer symposium at the conclusion of the program.

¬†Participating students commit to one full academic year plus the summer program, ~400 hours of research/independent study.¬†¬†¬†The following is the program’s hourly commitment for students

Fall semester:

60 hours or ~ 6 hours/week


Winter/spring semester:

60 hours or ~ 6 hours/week



280 hours – 35 hours/weeks¬†‚Äď 8 wks


Eligibility: Full-time associate degree students at any stage in their academic career can participate or baccalaureate students in 2+2 programs who have earned less than 50 credits.  It is understood that some students will transfer to baccalaureate programs Рthis may result in students no longer being eligible to participate in the program. In order to maintain eligibility students must be full-time, and engage in laboratory experiences in the Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) disciplines. This includes computer laboratory experiences.  At this time nursing is not considered a STEM discipline.


  • The funding for NYCCT¬†CRSP¬†students will support 30 students (at $5,000 per student).¬†


The Application

Part I can be found at:


Part II of the application is attached and include: (1) PREA (Pre-Research Experience Application), (2) CUNYfirst Expense Reimbursement form, (3) W-9.


(1) PREA – Must be completed electronically and signed by both the student and faculty mentor.

(2) CUNYfirst Expense Reimbursement form ‚Äď Students should¬†clearly¬†write their name, CUNYfirst ID, address, telephone number, City Tech email address and¬†sign¬†the form.

(3) W-9 ‚Äď Students should complete parts I and II and¬†sign¬†in part III-¬†DO NOT INCLUDE THE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ON THE W9 FORM.

(4) An unofficial copy of the student’s transcript, including fall 2018 registration.


Deadline: Friday, September 21st, 2018. Selected Students will be notified by September 25th. 

Program Requirements

  • Students must attend the mandatory orientation meeting on¬†Thursday, September 27,¬†2018,¬†from 1:00-2:00 PM¬†(Location TBD).
  • All¬†students¬†must complete the Responsible Conduct¬†of Research (RCR)¬†online training and submit their Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) certificate by¬†October 18,¬†2018.¬†More information on CITI training can be found at:¬†
  • First-time¬†undergraduate¬†researchers must attend the four Group I workshops. Returning researchers must complete four workshops from Group II. See attached CRSP Application Part II for list of¬†fall 2018¬†workshops.
  • In collaboration with the faculty mentor, prepare a final abstract summarizing the accomplishments of the project.¬†¬†Mentors should proofread, edit, and student should upload it by¬†Thursday,¬†November 15,¬†2018¬†at a Dropbox link provided in the attached Part II of application. Additionally, students should prepare their poster based on final results for a poster session event. The poster file must be uploaded to a Dropbox link by¬†Thursday, November 29,¬†2018. Signing the consent form indicates permission to publish abstracts and posters on the college website.
  • Participate in the Honors and Research Scholars poster session on¬†Wednesday and Thursday, December 5th and 6th,¬†2018.
  • The dates for spring 2019 and summer activities will be announced later.


Please ensure that these materials are submitted by Friday, September 21st, 2018 deadline. Please see attached Part II of application for more details and guideline. If multiple students are involved on a single project, then their expected individual contributions should be distinguished on each of the Pre-Research Applications.


For any questions regarding the application and the program please contact or visit

Thank you for willingness to be a research mentor and considering this opportunity for our students.

Hamid Norouzi, PhD , P.E.

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