Day15 12/17/2018 Final project

Please post an engineering animation here by 5pm on Monday, 12/17/2018.

Hi class, please be advised that the submission deadline of final project is 5pm today (13/17/2018 updated).

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19 Responses to Day15 12/17/2018 Final project

  1. Kelvin Chan says:

    This is a simulation related to snooker, which a bunker poked a 0.5 in ball into the slot. I align the ball to the left side purposely to demonstrate how the angle can affect the collision

  2. STEPHEN says:

    I was having trouble fixing the wheels… I figured out the issue thou… I ran out of time sadly… the problem came from the staff i made… I need adjust the constrains on the wheels and add washer to lock it in place and still allow it to move and have it set to concentric.

  3. JohnRod says:

    sorry im late professor.
    i couldnt get the elevator motion to work. the elevator was supposed to bring the ball back to the top

  4. KwameP says:

    sorry for the lateness professor…the computer kept crashing

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