Day15 12/17/2018 Final project

Please post an engineering animation here by 5pm on Monday, 12/17/2018.

Hi class, please be advised that the submission deadline of final project is 5pm today (13/17/2018 updated).

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EX14 12/10/2018

Brainstorming for the final project (12/17/2018).
In this course, we learned a lot of skills for making animations.

The final project is for making an engineering animation for a mechanical system that includes both kinematics and dynamics simulations. For example, ball rolling on a slope with an elevelor controlled by a cam. A rack gear pushing barrels up to the top of donky Kong slope. Gear box connected to wheels of a toy car that slipping on a slope. etc..

Today could you conduct brainstorming and start making parts?

Final submission for an animation for this project is due by 5pm on next Monday (12/17/2018).

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Day14 12/10/2018

Hi class,
Due to the traffic in the Lincoln tunnel, I’m stacking in New Jersey now and I’ll be 20-30 mins late today. I’ll post ex14 soon. Please stay in the classroom and start woking ex14.
Prof Masa

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EX13 12/03/2018

Post an engineering animation of the cam system here.

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We are alomst at the end of the semester. What will you do in the winter break? Any plan?

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Day12 11/26/2018

How was Thanksgiving?

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Short Project II: using the dynamic animation method, design a sand clock system and create an engineering animation.

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Short Project: Dynamic animation

Using the dynamic animation method, create an engineering animation. Design a slopes and drop 3 types of objects (sphere, oval, and cylinder).

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Post your simulation here!

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Day11 11/19/2018

How did you like the first gravity simulation last week?

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