Week 10: Announcements and Extra Credit

In addition to free access to The New York Times (instructions here), CUNY students also get free access to The Wall Street Journal by following these directions. For extra credit (e.g., to make up for a missed beginning of class writing assignment or a homework assignment), read three articles from The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal that relates to Professional and Technical Writing, your area of specialization, and/or job hunting. Then, write a memo of at least 500 words total that summarizes each of the three articles and includes an APA reference list citation for each of the three articles. Your summary should be in your own words. You may discuss the article in reference to other things that you know from class or the PTW Program in general.

Next week, City Tech is holding its annual Literary Arts Festival. Details are below. If you attend and write at least 250-words about your experience there (include names of speakers, what they talked about, etc.), you can earn some extra credit (you can copy-and-paste what you write into an email to Prof. Ellis).

LAF Poster

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