Week 9: Homework

expanded sitemap

We are continuing to expand your GitHub-hosted websites to give you more practice with HTML, organizing principles, and linking strategies.

Building on the website that you submitted for the Week 8 Homework, each student should draw out a new sitemap that mirrors the example shown above. The key addition is that the four sub-pages of your site each receives a linked sub-sub-page (includes more details about the topic of a sub-page) which in turn receives a linked sub-sub-sub-page (includes even more details about the topic of the sub-page and the sub-sub-page).

Additionally, you should link these pages according to the lines connecting them. This means that a sub-page should include a link to its sub-sub-page, the sub-sub-page includes links to its sub-page and sub-sub-sub-page, and the sub-sub-sub-page includes a link back to its sub-sub-page. The idea is to allow a visitor to navigate deeper and deeper into the rich content of your website, but also have links that ascend back to the top level of your website’s page hierarchy.

Feel free to include breadcrumbs and customize your website as you see fit. Remember to include IA features that help with the organization of the pages (i.e., how you name your html files) and user navigation elements (e.g., breadcrumbs, headings, etc.).

These new pages do not have to have images embedded, but they may as long as they are made by you. The main content on the new pages may be text-only–again, think of the concept of rich information from our readings, adding details (more depth) to what you wrote higher up the page hierarchy.

To submit this homework after Spring Break before our next class, add a comment to this post that includes your embedded updated sitemap (use img.bb) and a link to your GitHub-hosted website.