khairul chowdhury eng2575 d594 4/28/17

This week I had job from group 1 which was research on our topic. I ask some professor about our topic and I give them questioner. Professor told me that my questioner is in correct and told me get fact right. Then I call Adrian about it AND he told me “it on city tech website this fact is correct”……



Kevin Aucapina D594 Group Work

The Group has come to an agreement on a topic although I feel like we still need to modify the wording of our problem we chose in order to further have more to write about. As of now we managed to pull a handful of sources that will help support our argument. As of now we as a group decided to investigate police body cameras and how they need improvements to help prevent further injustice in the united states and perhaps even the world.

Marvin Laboriel ENG 2575-D594 Group Progress

So far in terms of our progress with our project we are doing well. Today Ouri and I went on a scavenger hunt through the whole school to find most the student services that are available to us. Most of the areas we didn’t have access to today because a good number of them were closed on Fridays. I’ve been getting to know my partners a lot more and how they prefer to get things done. As we are working on this group project together, my main focus is to keep up and be able to work with my partners so that we can do well.

Paul Birkelund Group project post

The group project is going well. I’m just having a hard time understanding the topic because it was changed last week and i wasn’t in class. I’m contribution to this paper now has been proven difficult because I’m trying to find cons and solutions to a topic that is very tough subject and to think about real solutions that haven’t been already thought takes time, so far i only have one solution but it is not enough for the required length of the paper. But we are communicating well as a group

Delano Ouy Group 2 Update

My focus on the group proposal was on the strength and weakness of the project. As such i had to look into how exactly our project would strengthen whatever organization we are working with. Along with this I think that it is coming Along nicely that I don’t have to worry about weather our group is going to get the job done. Mark is leading the group in a fashion that allows us to keep focus on track and is objective at all time of our project.Group T

Mark H, Eng2575, Section D594 – Group 2 Progress

During the past week our team, Group 2 communicated via google drive to plan and create our group proposal. All members submitted a brief summary of their research and from this our proposal was formed. All communication and group work worked very well, and we are ready to move to the next stage of our project. Our proposal consist of the objective, solution and team member duties.