Antennas & Massive MIMO

The Problem we face with the fifth generation network (5G), is coverage. 5G is a very powerful network and it is greatly anticipating full deployment. The solutions we believe that will tackle this problem is by installing mini antennas and cell towers/small cells.

Advance Antenna Systems is one of the options that will help with 5G deployment and production. Its goal is simply to increase the complexity in wireless antenna systems.

Massive Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (Massive MIMO) is also an option in deploy the 5th generation network (5G). Massive MIMO will group together antennas at the transmitter and receiver to provide a better throughput and increased spectrum efficiency.

Two major challenge that this production will face by deploying antennas and cell towers/small cells is that local governments and local communities are rejecting the idea if building antennas or towers all over their living environment and it will cost effective.