Course Grades, How to Keep Writing, and Other Questions Students Ask


We began this work together in the midst of wintery weather and in the midst of a pandemic surge with the Omicron variant, and now we end with summer-like days and a new surge in COVID rates in addition to everything else that is going on in this beautiful and difficult world.

It’s a challenging time to be a college student. You’ve all hung in there, written a lot, and worked hard. My students impress me every semester. Reading your reflections this week on your own  writing and your writing process allowed me to experience that once again this semester. As several of you mentioned in reflections, the peer review process in creative writing is one way to find community, and right now, that is more important than ever.

Here are a few answers to questions  students often ask me, so I’m leaving them here collectively:

When will I get my course grade?

I’ve graded all final reflections and revisions of the memoir essay and will soon tabulate final grades. After I submit them, you will see them on CUNYfirst, which is where official grades are posted. Final course grades will not be on Blackboard. I will send a notification when they have been posted.

How will you tabulate the course grade?

The overall course breakdown is on the syllabus: ENG 1141 Course Grades and Assessment

But, in a nutshell, here is what you will find there

Poetry Assignment:               20%
Fiction Assignment:              20%
Memoir Assignment:            20%
3 Reading Quizzes:                  15%
Final Reflection Activity: 5%
Participation/Attendance:    20%

How can I continue studying Creative Writing at City Tech?

Please keep writing! City Tech offers several creative writing options. We have a semester-long Introduction to Poetry Writing (ENG 1142) and a semester-long Writing for Stage and Screen (ENG 1143).

As you read in the Creative Writing Survey, we are trying to develop a minor in Creative Writing, but this is in the works. In the meantime, sign up for other creative writing classes at City Tech. We have 1142: Introduction to Poetry Writing and ENG 1143: Writing for Stage and Screen.

How can I continue my creative writing on my own?

Please keep writing! (I know I’ve just said this above, but I mean it!) I’ve made a separate posts on resources to continue writing here:

Keep Writing: Resources for Continuing Journaling and Writing
Keep Writing: Read! And then….re-read!
Keep Writing: Places to Submit Your Work
Keep Writing: Take More Creative Writing Classes
Keep Writing: Start a Writing Group
Keep Writing: Don’t Write Alone (from Catapult)

Take care, everyone. I’ve been teaching a while, but these recent semesters, with all of their challenges and strangeness will be ones I will remember. You are an impressive bunch of writers and students.

Write on!

Prof. Sears

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