I will go over this in class, but I also wanted to post this here so that everyone gets the message one way or another.  I have been pretty generous about allowing people to turn in later papers, even though there is an explicit policy on the syllabus that papers cannot be turned in three days after the due date.  This has been a challenging semester for all of us.  You just so happened to be taking my class during a time when I’ve been distracted with a major project of my own.  For that reason I’m a little disappointed that some of you aren’t taking advantage of the situation by turning in your work in a course that isn’t that hard to pass, and which would help to boost your GPAs.

I will accept late papers until MAY 12.  I encourage you to turn them in before then.  Any papers not turned in by May 12 will count as a 0, which will destroy your grade average.  Don’t let this happen.  You will fail the course and you will have to take it again.  Furthermore, as I’ve explained to you, I am only an adjunct here, which means I may not even be around next  semester to do any incompletes or grade changes. (And I won’t be extending any incompletes anyway.)

Get. This. Done.  It is always painful to give out failing grades, but without any work from you on record I don’t have any other choice.

This is the final notice.