ENG 1121
March 10, 2014

Since there was a delay in getting the first two essays back to you, I am offering you the opportunity to do rewrites. This only applies for Essay #1 and Essay #2.
There will be some guidelines for this:

1) You are required to meet with me and go over your papers in order to submit a revised version. The marks on your paper are rarely the only changes that you need to make. So I would prefer to sit down with you and go over the whole paper together. You can do this during offices hours, Wednesdays 4pm-5pm, or we can schedule another time. On some days I am available right after the class ends.

2) You must include the previous paper with the new one when you re-submit it. Please keep up with your marked essays!

3) No multiple rewrites will be allowed.

The standards for an A will be pretty high. See your ENG1101 and ENG1121 Grading Guideline Sheets for the departmental guidelines on how essay grades are assigned.
The deadline to submit the revisions on Essay #1 and #2 is MAY 12. Please turn them in earlier if you can.


I encourage you to go ahead and schedule a meeting with me even if you don’t plan to do a revision at all, or if you want to do it later.

I often don’t get a chance to write down all the GOOD things that you did in the paper. This meeting would be an opportunity for me to show you what you are doing well and what strengths in your writing that you may want to accentuate in future papers.