Final- Planet Story

Kenton Frederick McMillan 

Professor: Fraad

English 101 LC58



A New Hope



                       Earth the beautiful blue planet that contains water, land , oxygen, and most importantly humans. Humans are adaptive beings that always love to push the boundaries of a previous human. As lovely has the planet is it is being under siege by the same humans that live on it. Us humans use fossil fuels that this beautiful world provided us to insure our survival. Survival of the fittest a great biologist said in his work but we have taken his words a bit too far. These fossil fuels we use are a double edged sword it gives us new ways to survive but too what cost. With these burning fuels it is depleting the ozone layer bringing the suns rays creating global warming.  We are killing the very planet that we call home. Hi my name is Todd Noel and this is my story on how the earth I knew became a distant memory.

                      I was Kid growing up in Queens, New York living my best life as any Kid would say depending on their situations. I went through all my years in middle school and highschool. I got interesting grades to say the least but forget that I’m now a third year college student or just call me a junior in college. It is now October 13, 2049 I just turned 20 I’m in the last class of the day ready to start the celebration of 20 years of life. I had my girlfriend B next to me and my best friends J and T behind me. Last answer on my test just when the door broke open men in black came in and told all of us “come on move it !!!”. We all left the class in some big black trucks wondering where we were going. 14 hours of a drive later we were in the middle of a random airport. Wondering what was happening we didn’t have to say bye to each other when they split us up in different airplanes. In order for us to stay calm they sprayed something in all of our faces to knock us out. I don’t remember anything just knowing I was asleep for two months. Waking up in a combat room with other men knowing our bodies don’t feel the same. We were changed to enhanced soldiers to fight one big war. This war was called World War X.

                        The purpose of World War X was to claim dominion of the entire earth. The winner of the war will make one big super power for the search of a global warming solution. The nations tried to make a solution but we all have different points of view. Their was even reports of Russia and North Korea having a super weapon that takes in the nuclear energy of the earth and release it. If the rumors are true this can speed up the effects of global warming by 10 times or even 20 times. Meaning instead of years we will have months. The point of making us super soldiers was to help the US front in this major problem.

                        Months went by and the war was still continuing. It became more and more dangerous for civilians in the areas so they had to evacuate but sadly even when they evacuated there was really nowhere to run because the earth was dying. The super weapons that North Korea and Russia were using it was accelerating the earths time for destruction. The US saw that it was happening way before the users did. We have been coming up with plans way before them. While the war was raging the US started their escape plan which was giant spaceships they made under Area 51. The only problem was that it couldn’t fit all the people in the United States so there was a quick list made. The people that weren’t on the list rioted in the streets. The ships took about another couple of months to get ready for transport. So June 10th, 2050 it was ready for take off. Everyone on the list got on the ship and got ready to go on it. I wasn’t on the list sadly but using my super soldier techniques I was able to sneak on board. The same people that were rioting in the streets leaked intel to the other nations still fighting that war. You can tell they were not happy because those super weapons were aiming right for us and sadly they took one of the four ships down. While we were out into space the other nations were still fighting but they didn’t know they were fighting for a dead planet the whole time. Earth had about six months before reaching its final climax. Once at its final climax it would become a stormy planet with storms stronger than category 5 hurricane. The storms would only get stronger and stronger. The earth was resetting itself but it would take 70 years to be completed and who knows if the earth we come back too would be a new water planet in those 70 years.

                      In the darkness of space scientists on board were telling us of their plan to go to a new earth. They called it Earth X and it has more fossil fuels than the original earth did. It’s actually way bigger than the original earth was. So it could hold more people and we didn’t have to worry about housing. The problem to the people it was going to take 112 years to get to this earth. We had the fuel in the tank which was a reusable fusion core  so that wasn’t a problem. For 112 years they would put us in cryosleep.Cryosleep is a frozen like sleep which all the nutrients in your body is retained and you don’t age. The thing is with me I snuck on board so there wasn’t any cryosleep cambers for me. It took me almost a year to find a prototype cryosleep camber but i didn’t care that it was a prototype as long there was chance for survival I was fine. 128 years later We are all on Earth X thriving and I got all my friends with me. Me and my girl got married and had 3 kids at this time with a 4th on the mind. Even though we went through this I wish there was a way for everyone on earth to be here.




Re-Emerging Diseases:Why Some Are Making a Comeback-Heather Frias


Re-Emerging Diseases: Why Some Are Making a Comeback 


Heather Frias

Updated on December 10,2019


Throughout time vaccines have defeated diseases such as smallpox and the measles.Despite the success that have occurred,some of these diseases have been making a come back into society.


The reasons behind this occurrence are often difficult to pin down, however here are a few key reasons behind some of the resurgenes.


Vaccine Refusal


Although you may think that all families embrace vaccination, a growing number of families have been neglecting vaccines due to a misunderstanding of the necessity and safety of vaccination.Vaccines are a medical treatment that provides acquired immunity to a particular disease.Vaccines usually contains an agent that resembles a disease causing microorganism,This may mislead families to believe that vaccinations are dangerous and unnecessary.


The re-emergence of these diseases is very alarming and due to the increase in families refusing vaccinations if you are unvaccinated and you come in contact with measles , there is a 90% chance you will get it.According to research there is evidence that unvaccinated individuals seem to cluster into the same communities  resulting in these individuals increased vulnerability to the diseases.This means that if someone in these communities came in contact with a disease such as the measles, the disease would spread like wildfire.


Despite the negative impacts there are still people including celebrities who don’t vaccinate their children to prevent the risk of disease.Anti-vaccinators are responsible for the outbreak of the measles involved in Disneyland that led to more than 300 cases in the United States and Canada.


According to STAT news the Measles vaccine is effective enough to do the job ,experts believe.The measles component of the MMR vaccine- it also protects against mumps and rubella-prevents infection in 97 out of every 100 kids.It is not 100% because some people who receive the vaccine might not respond and could get the disease anyway if exposed.


If there is a decrease in vaccination rates in communities, these outbreaks will likely continue.


Waning or Insufficient Immunity

The Measles isn’t the only vaccine preventable disease thats been on the rise, diseases such as pertussis and mumps have also been on the rise.Not only is the rise due to vaccine refusal but also from waning of insufficient immunity.


Does this mean vaccinations really dont work? Not exactly.This just means that some people’s bodies may not respond to the vaccination


Vaccinations work by exposing the body to the specific pathogen and then and then fight the pathogen off by creating antibodies.the body then saves this information so they can fight off the pathogens in the future if the individual comes in contact with the disease again.Vaccines are a powerful tool to protect the health of individuals however they are not always guaranteed.


Climate Change

With the decrease  of climate change perhaps the most influential resurgence of disease is yet to come.Climate change is negatively impacting the environment all over the world which is a threat to human health and safety.


Scientists have come to conclusions that a warmer wetter planet will lead to a resurgence of a number of is very important for people to take the re-emergence of diseases very seriously to keep people healthy and safe in society.


As warmer temperatures arise there will be more precipitation that will draw in more mosquitoes risking  a greater chance of more outbreaks of diseases like Malaria.

A Word From Heather Frias

The reemergence of disease is very complex to understand, however the examples above are meant to illustrate how these factors are influencing the diseases and causing them to make a comeback.


Vaccinations and increase in climate change are not something to be over looked.Everyone should get vaccinated to protect themselves and others from harmful diseases.There should also be more action being taken against climate change for the sake of everyone’s health and environment.The significance of health sciences shouldn’t be overlooked.