Announcements + Reminders

For Wednesday, 9/16…

For Wednesday…

Print + Read:  “Claim, Reasons, and Evidence”

Print + Read: “Logical Argumentation”

Due: HW #4 (editing)

  • For HW #4 you need to take ten (10) consecutive sentences (in a row) from Essay #1 and edit them.
  • Number your paper 1-10, and write each sentence individually listed at a number.
  • Then edit each sentence.
  • Your paper should contain both the original sentence AND the new edited one.
  • Some sentences may not need to be edited, but it would be very surprising if all ten were perfect…
  • It should look like this:

1a) The best day I had seen yet was last Thursday at the Student Club Fair thing.

1b) The best day I have had so far was last Thursday, when I attended the Student Club/Involvement Fair.

Here 1a is the original sentence, 1b is the corrected version.

Welcome + HW Reminder

Welcome to our class OpenLab site! This is where you will find everything you need for the course– readings, HWs, essay assignments, information on course policies, the schedule, etc. Be sure to check back regularly.

Reminder: Thursday, September 5th follows a Monday schedule at City Tech. (Any classes you have on Mondays, you need to go to on Thursday 9/5. Any classes you normally have on Thursdays, do NOT happen this week.)

For Thursday:

Print + Read: “Why Is Writing a Process?”

Print + Read: “Overview of Writing as a Process”

Complete Before Class: HW #1 (email, OpenLab, GF)

Read: “If Black English Isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?,” James Baldwin (handed out in class)