For Wednesday, 9/16…

For Wednesday…

Print + Read:  “Claim, Reasons, and Evidence”

Print + Read: “Logical Argumentation”

Due: HW #4 (editing)

  • For HW #4 you need to take ten (10) consecutive sentences (in a row) from Essay #1 and edit them.
  • Number your paper 1-10, and write each sentence individually listed at a number.
  • Then edit each sentence.
  • Your paper should contain both the original sentence AND the new edited one.
  • Some sentences may not need to be edited, but it would be very surprising if all ten were perfect…
  • It should look like this:

1a) The best day I had seen yet was last Thursday at the Student Club Fair thing.

1b) The best day I have had so far was last Thursday, when I attended the Student Club/Involvement Fair.

Here 1a is the original sentence, 1b is the corrected version.

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