For Monday 5/14, Wednesday 5/16, and Thursday 5/17…

For class + lab Monday 5/14:

  1. If you have already handed in a complete outline, you can begin to work on a draft of your introduction, and first reason (both evidence #1, and evidence #2–that’s three paragraphs only). You do not have to hand this in yet, but I will read it if you do.
  2. If you have NOT handed in a complete outline, you need to hand it in on Monday– bring two copies. (If you have not handed in a research proposal, research notes, an annotated bibliography, and/or a thesis statement, those should also be handed in Monday.)
  3. EVERYONE must hand in a complete Works Cited page for ALL sources appearing in outline.

**We will be working on the Research Paper in class and lab, so bring everything you need to work on your paper to class Monday.**


For class Wednesday 5/16:

  1. Print & Read “I Have a Dream…” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  2. Complete HW #20 (the last one!)
    1. Pick 5 of the vocabulary words listed. Write the definition of the word and then write your own sentence that uses the word correctly.
    2. Answer Reading Questions #1 and #2.
    3. Complete Activities and Assignments #1.
    4. Be sure to use details and examples from the text to support your answers.
  3. OPTIONAL: Complete Extra Credit Assignment for 13th 


For class Thursday 5/17:

  1. Print & Read Sample Midterm Exam Response (bring to class)
  2. Re-read your Midterm Exam Response (bring to class)
  3. Hand in Draft of Research Paper- Introduction, and Reason #1 ONLY
    1. That is a three paragraph draft: Introduction, Reason #1 Evidence #1, and Reason #1, Evidence #2.
    2. If you handed in 3-paragraph draft on Monday, you may hand in a complete draft of the Research Paper.


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