For Monday 3/12 and Wednesday 3/14…

For class Monday 3/12…

  1. Print Claim, Reasons, Evidence
  2. Read Claim, Reasons, Evidence

For lab Monday 3/12…

  1. Print “The Death of the Book” by Ursula LeGuin
  2. Read “The Death of the Book” by Ursula LeGuin
  3. Complete HW #12 [LeGuin]
    1. Pick 5 of the vocabulary words listed. Write the definition of the word and then write your own sentence that uses the word correctly.
    2. Answer Reading Questions #1 and #2.
    3. Answer Discussion Question #1.
    4. Be sure to use details and examples from the text to support your answers!!!

For class Wednesday 3/14…

  1. Read Thesis Statements
  2. Complete HW #13 [CRE]

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