Look at your papers: confused by the abbreviations you find in the margins?

Here are some common errors/areas of concern that make their way into comments. If you see them, know that you need work in the following areas of your Mechanics + Grammar grade:

R.O. == Run On Sentences

Frag == Sentence Fragments

Comma == Your general use of commas; comma splices

Awk == Awkward phrases or word usage

W.C. == Word Choice (you chose the wrong word)

Punct == Punctuation

Redundancies == Using the same word or words over and over

S/V == Subject/Verb Agreement

Art == Article Usage (a/an; the)





1.Your Overall Grading Rubric, for the Semester:

A UNIT of THREE SHORT ESSAYS, worth a total of 30%, broken down as follows*:

500-word short essay draft #1: 10%

500-word short essay draft #2: 10%

500-word short essay draft #3: 10%

Midterm Exam (completed in class in essay form; open dictionary allowed): 15%

Final Research Project: 20% — Note: a First Draft of this paper must be submitted prior for grade.

Final Exam: 15%

Class Participation: 20%**

*These essays will include topics and structures from your homework/Journal/in-class writing assignments; hence “class participation” will help you get a better understanding of them — and a better grade.

**”Class Participation” includes periodical checks of your Journal entries that include assignments, do-now writing exercises in class, and light overnight homework assignments that are otherwise ungraded.


The Four-Part Grading Rubric for Formal Assignments

This rubric pertains to typed, written papers; research papers; mid-terms; finals — in short, all assignments that are not part of your Journal or in-class exercises, or daily homework exercises, are formally submitted to the professor, and graded as follows, under this four-part rubric, on a scale of one to four:

NC — Narrative & Creative Content: 1-4

S&D — Structure & Development: 1-4

M&G — Mechanics & Grammar: 1-4

IF — Instructions Fulfilled: 1-4

“Instructions Fulfilled” includes length of paper assignment, format (typing size, layout, et al), as well as following the guidelines for the assignment itself. In other words: ‘did you follow instructions?’

Note: If your M&G grade falls below a 2.5, you will be directed towards tutoring/help that will get you back on track to bring up your skills. If you see the tutor after receiving this grade, you will receive class participation credit for doing so. Please show the instructor your signed, tutoring center sheet.

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