Questions We Can Ask…Observations We Can Make…

What is a good question?

On the Hobbit: Crazy questions are sometimes good. You don’t know what you don’t know. All research can start as a shot in the dark. Keep your curiosity with you at all times. Send out a crazy questions sometimes because it acts like a “ping” in the dark, giving you a sonar-like view of what it is you don’t know.

Your Topic:

Describe briefly what you knew about it. Tell it to someone else. Are they more likely to know more than they did before? Have the other person tell you what they did and didn’t know. Keep trying to tell them something new until they get bored. Ask them what made them lose interest. Was what you told them irrelevant to them? Can you make it relevant?

Tell us something you learned that you didn’t know about your topic before you started researching it.

Now, go do more research, and tell yourself something you did not know about your topic.

What feels relevant to you, to others, to right now. What will you do with this information?

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