Facts (Primary Sources) All Checked

Chris: Blue; 2 siblings – both are older brothers; Captain America: Civil Wars; socially independent;

Mohammed: likes to eat chicken; Harry Potter books;



Wensley: from Haiti; likes to watch T.V., mostly b&w movies; likes to go sleep around 1 or 1AM; has a sister and a brother; reads comic books

Nel: family is from the D.R., but he is born in the U.S., specifically, NYC; likes classical music and he plays violin and guitar; he says of himself, “I am wise, persistent…”; he has one younger brother.



Primary Source – an interview

Secondary Source – words about a source



Firuz: came from Uzbekistan; wants to become a programmer; plays video games; has two brothers; he speaks four languages – Uzbek/Turkish, Russian, English, and Persian; he has never see the Hobbit films; he prefers dogs over cats.

Kristy: comes from the Caribbean, wants to be a researcher; CityTech is conveniently located to her home; has one sister and one brother; likes to play video games; prefers dogs to cats; Captain America: Civil Wars.



Juan Batista: One brother and two sisters; majoring in computer science; wants to have three Mustangs one day; from the D.R. (born there); he likes to sleep; loves playing pool; zero Hobbits; he looks different from other people (or so he thinks) because he is sensitive about his nose; had a dog in the D.R. and he hates cats; likes baseball (favorite sport); his whole family was born in the D.R.; he is 17 years old; favorite color is burgundy; his favorite book is The Fault On Our Stars, however, he stopped reading it because it was over summer and he wanted to enjoy his vacation.



Michael: born in the U.S. on Dec. 30, 1997 (he is 19 years old); favorite color is black; he wants to be recognized; he had a brother, who passed away; he had two dogs which were pugs; his ethnicity is Hispanic; his favorite book by far is The Great Gatsby; his mother is Ecuadorian and his father is from Puerto Rico; what makes him different is the way he looks; he hasn’t seen the Hobbit films; his favorite sport is football, which he may have played; he likes to work out and sleep; came to CityTech to learn about computers and what makes him unique is that he’s determined.


Younus: from Bangladesh; aspires to be a computer systems expert, a graphics designer, and or a soccer player; he likes to play soccer and draw; has two brothers, one older and one younger; he is unique in that he practices Islam and is patient; he came to CityTech after being accepted to three colleges (Queens and BMCC included) because of his major; her prefers cats over dogs; likes the T.V. show The Flash.

Ammar: from Bosnia; came here in 1999; wants to be a filmmaker and graphic designer; hobbies are soccer, filmmaking and drawing; he has patience, determination; has two sisters (he is the eldest); likes dogs over cats; favorite movie is Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back; his major is Comm D.; favorite Hobbit: Frodo.


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