Instructors, please see the revised week-by-week course outline on the Model Course Hub. We have entered the first assignment in for you here, but from now on, you will cut and paste them in weekly for your students. This allows you to make changes as you see fit, or to write assignments in your own voice.

In the Model Course Schedule, we’ve included suggestions for in-class activities that will help the curriculum work better for you.  These are not required, but are quite useful!

Being a student can be intimidating, confusing, and just plain difficult!

So for these first few days, you get to vent about it! No kidding. Share your concerns with each other. Maybe give each other some advice or just a good old bit of support. Believe me — instructors have many of the same worries you do, even if we’ve been teaching for a while. I also promise not to hijack the conversations, either! 

Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. PLAY with the website. You can’t break it. Honestly. I’ve tried. Click around on all the tabs. See what’s there! We’ll be doing a great deal of work here this semester, so make yourself familiar with the room. 
  2. READ/ WATCH: these two short “Tips” pieces
  1. WRITE: a new post: Start with one word that describes how you’re feeling about this course as we get started. No need to explain, but you can if you want to. 
  • Talk about your worries, concerns, reactions to the readings and/or to being an online student… whatever you want to. No censoring… except keep it kind of clean, please ;-).


  • Add a picture that means something to you, and explain why you chose it — why does it mean something to you?
  • Check back in and comment on your peers’ work!