For Monday 4/16 and Wednesday 4/18…

*Be sure to look at the previous post about Mid-semester Grades*

For class Monday 4/16…

  1. Read Plagiarism and Ethical Citation
  2. Look at Citing Basics
    1. Click through some of the links on this page to read more about citations
  3. Go through the Research Skills Tutorial, Chp 6. Citing
    1. you do NOT need to take the quiz at the end

For lab Wednesday 4/18…

  1. Write Essay #2, Draft #2
    1. bring TWO printed, stapled copies to lab
    2. bring the P copy of Draft #1 (the one with my corrections on it)

For class Wednesday 4/18…

  1. Read Steps in Writing a Research Paper
    1. Look and read through the links for each step
  2. Go through City Tech Library TutorialsBeginning the Research Process and Evaluating Information on the Internet
    1. There are additional tutorials on there you might want to check out also!
  3. Start Research Packet (Research Packets will be distributed in class on Monday)