For Monday 3/26 and Wednesday 3/28…

I apologize for the delay in posting an updated scheduleā€“ I had to wait for City Tech to make a decision regarding a make-up day. They have decided, and now Thursday, May 17th will be considered a Wednesday at the college. This means that we have class and lab on Thursday, May 17th.

I have posted an updated schedule on OpenLab, please look at it carefully and note the changes (there are many).

For class Monday 3/26ā€¦

  1. Print & ReadĀ Sample Exam Article
  2. CompleteĀ HW #14 [Thesis]
    1. You only need to complete Part I of this HW!
  3. ReviseĀ Essay #1, Final Version
    1. Hand in: one printed, STAPLED, final version
    2. Hand in: all drafts with my comments

For lab Wednesday 3/28ā€¦

  1. WriteĀ Essay #2, Draft #1
    1. Bring in TWO printed, STAPLED copies

For class Wednesday 3/28ā€¦ *MIDTERM EXAM*

  1. Read & Prepare Midterm Exam Article
    1. the article will be handed out at the end of class on Monday 3/26

City Tech Closed Wednesday 3/21

City Tech is closed tomorrow, Wednesday 3/21, so we will not have class/lab.

I will figure out how to rework the schedule tomorrow, but I can tell you now that you will definitely NOT have your midterm exam on Monday 3/26.

Check OpenLab for updates.

For Wednesday 3/14…

**Please review updated Course Schedule**

For lab Wednesday 3/14…

  1. Read Writing an Argumentative Essay


For class Wednesday 3/14…

  1. Print & ReadĀ Claim, Reasons, Evidence
  2. Print & ReadĀ “The Death of the Book,” by Ursula LeGuin
    1. Scroll down in blog to find post titled “The Death of the Book.”
  3. CompleteĀ HW #12 (LeGuin)
    1. Pick 5 of the vocabulary words listed. Write the definition of the word and then writeĀ your ownĀ sentence that uses the word correctly.
    2. Answer Reading Questions #1 and #2.
    3. Answer Discussion Question #1.
    4. Be sure to use details and examples from the text to support your answers.

Class Canceled Monday 3/12

Class is canceled tomorrow, Monday 3/12.

I will post on Open Lab as soon as possible to update you on the schedule for the rest of the week. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.